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Natura - Organic Latex Pillow
Natura - Organic Latex Pillow

Natura - Organic Latex Pillow

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Info: Available in Several Sizes;  Recommended for Variable Sleepers

With a natural Talalay latex core (ventilated with scores of holes to dissipate heat and moisture build-up, as shown in the cutaway in the second photo), a Certified 100% organic Natura Grow Wool™ lining, and an Organic Pima cotton sateen cover, the Natura Organic Latex Pillow is suitable for variable sleepers (who don't just stick to one position when they sleep).

Product Notes:

The full, rolled batt of Interactive Natura Grow Wool fill creates an insulating layer that helps regulate the temperature next to the skin for a healthy, comfortable night’s sleep, and also wicks away excess moisture, creating a fresh, dry sleep environment that repels common allergens and bacteria that thrive in moist environments.

Care Instructions:

Do not wash. Do not dry. Vacuum, turn and air out periodically. Spot clean only (to eliminate odors and/or stains, gently spot clean using a mild detergent and allow it to air dry completely).

Product Options:
Standard - $179.99
Queen - $199.99
King - $219.99