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Natura Organic Toddler Pillow
Baby Natura Organic Toddler Pillow in its carrying bag
Close-up of bottom corner of Toddler pillow with an oval cut out of cover to show loose wool fill interior

Natura - Organic Toddler Pillow

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Once your child is old enough or has sufficient motor skills to be ready for a pillow*, naturally, you want it to be the safest type it can be. This Organic Toddler Pillow contains only 100% certified organic wool (so it won't subject your little one to chemical fumes) and it also has a 100% certified organic cotton cover - a breathable combination which will help wick away moisture and is far less likely to attract mold and dust mites, compared to foam pillows. This is ideal first pillow for youngsters, with enough cushioning to be soft, but not so much that it could strain the neck for back sleepers, and it will be very good side sleepers, too.

Product Notes:

* Child safety experts generally advise that babies should not sleep with pillows due to the risk of suffocation, with varying recommendations as to the whether the minimum age should be a year, a year and a half, or even 2 or 3 years old.

Dimensions: This pillow is nominally rated as being 11.5 x 15" taking its contours into account, but when measured more conventionally, it is about 10 inches from front to back by 12.5 inches across and is about 2.5 inches deep. It comes in a zippered cloth carrying case with a see-through plastic panel in front showing its label, as pictured here.

Natura pillows have a 5 year warranty for defects in workmanship.


Certified 100% Organic Wool fill; and Certified 100% Organic Pima Cotton Sateen cover.

The third product photo is a close-up of the bottom right corner of a demonstration pillow with an oval cut out of its cover to show the wool filling in its interior.

Care Instructions: Do not wash. Do not dry. Just vacuum, turn, and air it out periodically.

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