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207 ml Jar of NOW Pure Lanolin Jelly
118 ml Bottle of NOW Liquid Lanolin

NOW - Pure Lanolin

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Info: Available either as 118 ml Liquid or 207 ml Jelly

Lanolin is a natural oil product derived entirely from sheep wool fibre. It's produced by the sheep's skin and becomes trapped in their wool, to protect them from rain or snow moisture. It's actually quite similar to the oils our own skin produces, and when it's collected and purified, lanolin has a texture similar to petroleum jelly such as Vaseline, which is somewhat solid at room temperature. It can then be transformed into a liquid by spinning it in a centrifuge to remove the waxy elements to collect just the pure oil, which can be more convenient to apply.

Product Notes:

Lanolin is quite useful for skin cosmetics and can also be added to hair creams. It's a powerful moisturizer that can promote smooth, translucent skin, and is perfect to use on very dry, rough or chapped skin. It can also prevent skin from becoming dry and chapped from windburn, so can be great to apply to any exposed parts of the face before going cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, or motorcycling, for example.

Guaranteed to be natural. Contains no added colour or other ingredients. (Hence, free of: solvents, fillers, excipients, preservatives, chemical additives.)

Suggested Usage:

For deep moisturizing and protection, apply generously to severely dry or chapped areas, or where the skin may be exposed to a harsh environment. Reapply as needed.

Some also use it to restore more moisture-repelling ability to wool sweaters, mittens or other woolen items which may have become dried out or have lost too much of their original lanolin.

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Solid Jelly (207 ml/7 fl oz Jar) - $15.99 - UPC: 733739077257
Liquid (118 ml/ 4 fl oz Bottle) - $15.99 - UPC: 733739877307