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NOW Magnesium Oxide Powder (227g)

NOW - 100% Pure Magnesium Oxide Powder

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Info: 227 g (8 oz)

This form of magnesium is derived from ancient oceanic deposits, and is a rich source of elemental magnesium (58% average) at an economical cost. The powder format has no additives or excipients, to minimize sensitivities; and enables better dosage control and more palatable options for ingesting it.

This product is temporarily unavailable from the manufacturer. For another version of magnesium oxide powder, please see Bioxy Cleanse. A range of other magnesium supplements are also in stock.

Product Notes:

Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays many roles in our bodies; it helps: metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats; produce energy; regulate calcium balance; develop and maintain bones and teeth; form tissues; contract and relax muscles; and calm mood, among other things.

Of course, it comes in several different forms, as a supplement. This form, Magnesium Oxide, is perhaps most widely used to relieve constipation, as it has a laxative effect.

Recent research indicates it may also have a protective effect against calcium buildup in the arteries among those with chronic kidney disease.


Each level teaspoonful (5 ml) contains): 400 mg Magnesium (as Magnesium Oxide). No other ingredients. Free of: yeast, milk, wheat, gluten, egg, corn, soy. Vegetarian/Vegan Formula.

Suggested Usage:

Take 1/4 level teaspoon daily, preferably with meals. Magnesium oxide can be taken on its own with water as an easy to swallow liquid mix, or in health shakes, protein shakes, smoothies, or juices. Store in a cool, dry place.


Some people may experience diarrhea.

Health Canada Natural Product Number: 80026099.

Supporting Science:

Mori, Hideki et al. “Magnesium Oxide in Constipation.” Nutrients, 2021.

Sakaguchi, Yusuke. “The emerging role of magnesium in CKD [Chronic Kidney Disease].” Clinical and Experimental Nephrology, 2022.

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