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Nutramilk Pro Pack Processor Kit
NutraMilk Processing Set
Box for NutraMilk 2 Liter Plastic Storage Container

NutraMilk - Pro Pack Processor/Containers Kit

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Info: Pro Pack Upgrade Kit

Great for commercial or heavy home use. For use exclusively with the NutraMilk nut processor (sold separately).

Having a spare processor to use with your NutraMilk will help save time in your busy shop! With this processor and two plastic storage containers you can prevent cross-contamination of your ingredients and reduce exposure to allergens.

Product Notes:

Processor and Container

The complete Pro Pack Processor Kit set includes: (1) NutraMilk Processing Set (BRNMSMS), and (2) Two-Litre NutraMilk Plastic Storage Containers (BRNM2LGC).

NutraMilk Processing Set contains Outer Mixing Basin with Handle, Inner Filter, Rotating Wiper Blades, Lid, Dispensing Spigot, and Cutting Blade.

NutraMilk plastic storage containers are designed to fit perfectly under the dispensing spigot of your NutraMilk! Removable lid with easy open spout. Measurement markings in cups and litres. 2 Litre Capacity. BPA free. Dishwasher safe.


This package does not include the NutraMilk nut processor unit -- just the processor (basin, filter, lid, wiper, spigot, and blade) and/or storage containers.

Product Options:
2 Liter Plastic Storage Container Alone - $19.99 - UPC: 645240814088
Processing Set (without extra containers) - $259.99
Full Pro Pack Upgrade Kit - $299.99