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Nutridom Premium Magnesium 500 Powder

Nutridom - Premium Magnesium 500 Powder

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Info: 124 g (4.37 oz)

Magnesium is a mineral essential in the body, not only for the maintenance of healthy muscles, bones, and teeth, but also for the many bodily processes that require magnesium as a factor. However, not all magnesium supplements are created equal; in order to be absorbed, magnesium must be attached to a chelate which binds it and delivers it to the body. The choice of chelate is important, and this is what makes Nutridom's Magnesium 500 such an excellent choice. Compared to one of the most popular chelated forms - magnesium citrate - Nutridom's magnesium bisglycinate is up to four times more bioavailable, and is less likely to cause diarrhea.


Per half teaspoon (2.7 g) dose: 500 mg elemental magnesium, plus magnesium stearate.

Suggested Usage:

Adults: take half a teaspoon (2.7 g) once a day.


Some people may experience diarrhea. Health Canada Natural Product Number: 80059396.
UPC / Barcode: 887089100094