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OPUS - Ceramic Gravity Water Purifier

OPUS - Ceramic Gravity Water Purifier

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Info: 1 Ceramic Water Purifier

S&H included to most locations in Canada. The ideal counter top water filtration system and dispenser. Simply pour up to eight litres (two gallons) into the unit's plastic reservoir, and gravity does the rest. Using gravity, the water is filtered by the sterasyl ceramic filter, and is ready to be dispensed by the built in spigot. The super sterasyl ceramic filter is impregnated with silver, which prevents the growth of bacteria, and does not need sterilization. This water filter removes 99.99% of bacteria and cysts, is self sterilizing, and features absolute mechanical filtration to .9 micron. This water dispenser has a capacity of 8 litres with a filter flowrate of up to 1 litre per hour, however the rate can be much slower depending on water quality and level of particulates.  The unit stands 17-11/16" (45cm) tall and a diameter of 9½" (24cm).

Includes one filter. Replacement ceramic candle filters for use with these units are also available through our OPUS - Water Purification Replacement Filters page.

Product Notes:

Ceramic filters provide very fine filtration, and are recommended for microbiologically unsafe water. With a .5 to .9 micron rating, ceramic filters are effective for filtering bacteria (including E.coli), cysts and sediment. The ceramic material can be cleaned many times with a plastic brush, extending the life of the filter.

Ceramic, when combined with silver impregnated carbon is called sterasyl. Some models of ceramic sterasyl are called “candles” because they resemble a candle in shape. Ceramic sterasyl is one solution for cottages where electricity is not available.

Ceramic water filters including those offered by Doulton have been available in Canada since World War II and are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation [N.S.F] under Standards 53 and 42 for specified products.

Note: This item is heavy. Shipping and handling is included to most major Canadian centres. If you live in a particularly rural or remote area, additional S&H may be required.

Need replacement filters? Additional ceramic candle filters are available separately.