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OPUS - Ceramic Gravity-Fed Water Purifier

OPUS - Ceramic Gravity-Fed Water Purifier

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Info: Countertop Water Purifier; Includes Two Ceramic Candle Filters Already Installed in Chamber, to Increase Its Flow Rate

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The ideal table top water filtration system and dispenser for places you may go where there is no running water, and you need to drink the well, lake, or rain barrel water you're not entirely sure about. Simply pour the (unheated) water into the BPA-free plastic chamber on top, and gravity does the rest: the water's filtered down through the ceramic filters, ready to be dispensed by the built-in spigot at the bottom within about a minute.

Product Notes:

Ceramic Candle Filter

Silver-impregnated ceramic filtration units are a good solution for cottages or campgrounds where electricity for a UV-sterilization light is not available.

The micro-porous ceramic filter this gravity-fed water purifier uses is impregnated with silver in its inner lining (a process its developer, Doulton, calls "Sterasyl"), which prevents the growth of bacteria within it, and makes it self-sterilizing. These types of filters are often called “candles” because they somewhat resemble a candle in shape.

Popular throughout the world (particularly in Brazil), ceramic water filters have been available in Canada since World War II, and are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation [N.S.F.] under Standards 53 and 42 for specified products.

With nominal ratings ranging between 0.5 to 0.8 microns, they provide very fine filtration. In addition to filtering out sediments, they can be recommended even for somewhat microbiologically unsafe water, to filter out 99.99% of at least five major categories of bacteria (including E.coli) and live Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts.

The filter this unit ships with features absolute mechanical filtration to .9 microns, which is on the upper end of that scale, so caution should be advised regarding lake water which might have high levels of E. coli.

This water dispenser has a capacity of 8 litres and comes equipped with a Sterasyl Ceramic filter which also has activated carbon particles inside it. It has a flowrate of about one liter per hour under gravity, so it does take a little while after filling the reservoir at the top of the porcelain urn before it flows down to the bottom half to be ready to drink or cook with, when only one filter is used.

So to improve that rate, we have made a second hole in the base of that BPA-free plastic chamber in this, our display model, to install a second filter.

This particular filter is apt to be able to process up to 1,000 gallons before its flow rate is so restricted you'll want to replace them -- especially if you occasionally clean the buildup on their exterior off, under tap water.

(If the incoming water contains sediment or particles, the flow will get gradually reduced. To clean it, DO NOT use any soap or detergent. First clean your hands, then remove it from the reservoir chamber (ensuring that you keep the bottom tip clean), and with a soft bristle toothbrush or fabric scouring pad, lightly scrub the exterior of the filter element (brushing upwards, away from the candle mount), while under running water (or in a bowl). Then place it in a container of clean water and boil it for 20 minutes. Let it cool before returning it to the unit.)

This item is quite large [the entire unit stands nearly 18 inches tall (17-11/16"/ 45 cm) and has a 9-1/2" (24 cm) diameter] and heavy, and this display model.

We also have two of these Gravity-Fed Water Filtration urns in new condition with the original single openings for the filters, but with no filters in them, available for $100. We can provide links to where to buy the appropriate filters for them, upon request.