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OPUS - Replacement UV Bulbs
OPUS - Replacement UV Bulbs
OPUS - Replacement UV Bulbs

OPUS - Replacement UV Bulbs

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Info: 1 Replacement UV Bulb

Germicidal UV-C Lamp - Ultraviolet Lamp; replacement lamps for OPUS Whole House and CottagePure water filtration systems. Ultraviolet light is effective at killing bacteria, viruses, mold, algae, yeast, cysts (including cryptosporidium and giardia), some volatile organic compounds and other biological contaminants. Unlike chlorine, which is used in municipal water supplies to kill microorganisms, UV-C sterilization systems do not introduce any potentially poisonous components into your drinking water, or adversely affect the taste or smell of drinking water.

Product Notes:

Specifications and Store Codes:

- 1 GPM system for newer CottagePure & other Point-Of-Use Drinking Water Systems sold after 2015: the Excelight EL12A UV Lamp, with stainless steel outer housing, 20W/450mm, 1 Gallon Per Minute, 40mj NSF for .5 litres per minute (PLU 19222)

- 6 Watt Replacement UV Lamp for the older Cottage Pure Systems (sold prior to summer 2015), which had a Gray Plastic Outer Housing (PLU 5515)

- 8 GPM for Whole House System: Excelight EL720A UV Lamp, 32W/645mm (PLU 19226)

- 12 GPM for Whole House System: Excelight EL1129A UV Lamp, 39W/845mm (PLU 19224)

- Replacement Glass Sleeve for UV Bulb, for CottagePure Systems with the 6 watt Excelight UV bulb) (PLU 22460)

Suggested Usage:

Replace annually. (Except for the Replacement Glass Sleeve, which is only needed if the existing one is broken.)

Product Options:
1 GPM for CottagePure or Drinking Water Systems - $79.99
6 Watt Replacement Lamp for pre-2015 CottagePure - $79.99
8 GPM for Whole House Systems - $89.99
12 GPM for Whole House Systems - $119.99
Replacement Glass Sleeve for 6 Watt UV Bulb - $44.99