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Organic Traditions - Apple Peel Powder

Organic Traditions - Apple Peel Powder

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Info: 100 g Resealable Bag

Apple-solutely ap"peel"ing, Organic Traditions Apple Peel Powder contains concentrated antioxidant content and high fibre, with levels six times that found in the flesh of the apple. Some studies show that consumption of apple peel powder helps reduce inflammation due to Inflammatory Bowel Disease and can also reduce inflammation in colon cancer cells in humans. 

Apple Peel Powder has a low glycemic index, perfect for adding low-sugar sweetness to liquids such as water and coconut water or juices and blender drinks. Apple peels (and cores) are also where most of the pectin in apples is concentrated, which may help with jam or jelly making. Try organic apple peel powder in raw dessert recipes, or add to taste to culinary creations as desired.

Product Notes:

Organic apple peels are air dried at an extremely gentle, low temperature to preserve the antioxidant nutrient and enzyme content. Health Canada Natural Product Number 80022581.


Certified Organic Apple Peel Powder (Malus domestica).

Suggested Usage:

Enjoy three teaspoons of organic traditions apple peel powder per day, or one full tablespoon daily for optimal benefits.
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