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Organic Traditions - Macaccino Drink Mix

Organic Traditions - Macaccino Drink Mix

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Info: 227 g (8 oz) Resealable Bag (Canadian label differs from one shown)

Make mine a Macaccino!  Savour a healthier hot (or cold) beverage with a naturally antioxidant rich energy boost and a hit of magnesium and vitamin C from superfood ingredients cacao and maca.  Enjoy in iced beverages or use Macaccino for a superfood boost in smoothies, raw desserts such as nut balls or truffles, or sprinkle on top of ice creams.  Blend with coconut oil and nut butters or sprinkle with cinnamon for other delicious flavour combinations.  Organic Traditions Macaccino Drink Mix is gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, and a Canadian Organic Product.


Certified Organic: Cacao Powder, Black Maca, Coconut Palm Sugar, Vanilla Powder (Theobroma cacao, Lepidium meyenii, Cocos nucifera, Vanilla planifolia).

Suggested Usage:

Use one tablespoon for every four ounces of hot water. Blend into iced drinks and smoothies and use in raw desserts or as a dessert topping.
UPC / Barcode: 627733004893