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Orka silicone ice-pop mold in-use, moving up a push-pop
hand holding an ice-pop made with an Orka silicone push mold
Orka silicone ice-pop push molds in raspberry and green

Orka by Mastrad - Ice-Pop Mold (Set of 2)

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Info: Silicone Ice-Pop Mold (set of 2, of same colour)

Help beat the heat with your own refreshing home-made treats, using this set of 2 ice pop moulds. They're easy to fill and cap, whether with fruit juice, smoothies, or puddings; then stand them upright in your freezer on their flat bottoms.

Product Notes:

To serve, you can either pull on the flap on the bottom while holding the tab of the handle to remove the mold's tube and eat the frozen treat off the 'popsicle stick,' as is customary (although this one is made of washable, reusable silicone, not wood, and has a drip tray to protect the fingers from dribbles), or you can eat it as a push-pop (where you hold the mold and squeeze the treat up from its bottom, and lick it at the top), if you detached the internal handle from the lid before sealing and freezing it.

Suggested Usage:

Fill the ice pop molds with your favourite juice, smoothie, yougurt, or dessert recipe. Place stand and mold in freezer for 4-8 hours, and remove pop easily from the silicone mold, enjoy! For a sugar substitute try fruit juice, stevia, or xylitol.

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Green - $14.99 - UPC: 885902473080
Raspberry - $14.99 - UPC: 885902473042