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Orthaheel - Relief - Medium Support Orthotics (3/4 Length)

Orthaheel - Relief - Medium Support Orthotics (3/4 Length)

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Info: Unisex; Available in 3/4 Length in 2 Sizes, in Limited Quantity

Info: Unisex; Available in 3/4 Length in 2 Sizes, in Limited Quantity

The Orthaheel line was designed by a podiatrist as a cost-effective alternative to achieve comparable results in a great many people, by combining several biomechanically-designed elements to help stabilize, support and realign the feet back to their natural (neutral) position and reduce excess pronation.

Product Notes:

Whether you're already suffering from a number of gait- or foot-position- related symptoms such as aching feet or legs or heel, knee, or back pain, or you just want to avoid developing them, it may be time to get orthotics. But custom-made orthotics to correct poor lower limb alignment can cost hundreds of dollars. These particular models are designed for everyday use: i.e., for regular walking, commuting, working, dancing, or even casual/light hiking, in flat- or low-heeled shoes.

- Both the 3/4 and full-length Relief types are ideal for most casual shoes and dress shoes with relatively flat heels.
- The full-length orthotic is intended to replace your shoe's existing footbed; if it does not have a removable insole, you should go with the 3/4-length.
- The 3/4-length may also be the best option for shoes with a low-profile toe box, where there may not be enough room for the extra depth of the forefoot cushioning provided in the full length insole.
- The 3/4-length orthotic can also work in both narrow and wide shoes.
- For best results, it is recommended that you replace your orthotics after every 12 months of regular use.

Orthaheel relief provides everyday comfort and a medium level of orthotic support to help reduce over-pronation, a common cause of aching feet and legs and heel, knee, and back pain.

Our feet are designed to "pronate," as we walk or run, which entails the collapse of its arch, and the stretching and elongation of its ligaments, and a rolling inward -- likely in order to prevent injuries by being prepared to accommodate itself to stones or twigs or other unevenness of the ground while walking barefoot.

That pronation isn't really necessary while we're walking on even ground wearing good shoes, and if we do it too much, we can be subjecting several parts of our bodies to extra forces and/or impacts which can result in a number of painful consequences. For example, when the foot rolls over, the lower part of the leg will rotate internally, which puts forces on the kneecap and stresses and weakens the muscle structures -- causing tired, aching legs and knee pain. The pelvis also gets forced forward by that, which increases the curvature in the lower back and causes tightness and stiffness in those back muscles.

With their stable heel cup, firm yet flexible midsole, and innovative biomechanically contoured arch, these Vionic/Orthaheel inserts realign the foot and counteract the tendency to over-pronate, thereby decreasing that rotation of the leg and accompanying traction on the calf muscles, which also helps align body posture and avoids introducing more knee and/or lower back pain. The foot itself also benefits from these orthotics, which reduce the forces on its ligaments; and distribute the body weight and forces of impact across the whole foot (by having an arch support making contact with it) rather than confining them to the balls of the feet; and by cushioning some of the impact, themselves.


They both have a flexible base made of lightweight, medium- density molded EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) for maximum support and superior comfort, which incorporates both a deep heel cup to maintain correct foot positioning and a supportive contoured arch, as well as an additional heel pad for increased shock absorption and energy return through the heel strike phase (in both models), plus extra cushioning under the ball of the feet in the forefoot area in the full- length ones. They are covered by a soft, 100% nylon topcloth with a built-in "EcoFresh" microbe shield technology to help combat odor-causing bacteria.

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XS (Men's 3.5 to 5 US, Women's 4.5 to 6) - $40.00 - UPC: 616542028008
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