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P. Jentschura - MorgenStund'
P. Jentschura - MorgenStund'

P. Jentschura - MorgenStund'

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Think you don't have enough time to make and eat a good nutritious hot breakfast before heading off in the morning? Or that you're stuck with the same type(s) you've always had (especially if you're gluten-intolerant)? Think again: try this Organic Millet and Buckwheat Porridge with Fruit and Seeds, from Europe.

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Product Notes:

Organic Millet & Buckwheat Porridge

Too many of us often just fly out the door in the morning on our rush to work with naught but a cup of coffee, because it seems to take too long to make a hot breakfast ... and then we end up eating junk food in a hurry to take the edge off of hunger.

Or maybe you do routinely make a good hot porridge to start your day, but would like to change things up a bit with an alternative to your usual fare (which may be quite limited, particularly if you're on a gluten-free diet, or may have way too much added sugar in it, if you've been resorting to flavoured instant oatmeal packets).

Either way, this German-made hot breakfast cereal has you covered.

MorgenStund' is gluten-free (and lactose-free, and vegan), with no added sugars (apart from what's contained naturally in the dried apple and pineapple pieces to give it more pizazz), and includes several types of seeds for additional nutrients (including Omega-6 fatty acids) and texture.

It also only takes about a minute longer than so-called instant oatmeal to prepare (you just need to let it stand for a minute or two after mixing; which you can do while finishing dressing or lacing up your boots or shoes). And since it only needs boiling water (it doesn't need to be made on a stove), you can probably even make it at work, on those days you're really running late.


You may recognize millet if you've seen it in a bag of bird seed: it's tiny, tan-coloured, and shaped like a little seed. But millet is actually a grain, grown on stalks much like wheat. Unlike many other plants, millet thrives in dry environments, making it a popular crop in arid regions in Africa and southern Asia. And did you know that millet is one of the oldest foods on record? It's mentioned in the Bible and in documents pertaining to the Stone Age!

One of the reasons millet has been popular for millennia is because of how many essential nutrients it contains: it's high in fiber, B vitamins, and iron. Millet is also packed with protein, with almost 15 percent of your daily requirement found in one serving. And because it is gluten-free, it's a great option for people who are allergic to or intolerant of wheat.


Millet*, Buckwheat*, 13.5% Fruit (Pineapple*, Apple*), 8.5% Oil Seeds (Pumpkin seeds*, Sunflower seeds*, and Sweet Almonds*), Amaranth.*

* = Ingredient from Organic Farming

Gluten-free. Lactose-free. Vegan.

Suggested Usage:

If using a kettle or microwave to boil the water, for a single serving, simply place 3 tablespoons (about 35 g) of MorgenStund' powder into a bowl, and add 120 to 140 ml of boiling water, stir (with a fork or whisk), and let it sit to expand for a minute or two.

Or to prepare a single serving on the stovetop, start with 160 to 180 ml of water in the pot, then stir in 3 tablespoons of MorgenStund', using an egg whisk. Bring to a boil while stirring, and leave to simmer on low heat for 1-2 minutes.

After it is prepared, you can top it like you might with other types of porridge, if desired: with cinnamon, cream, maple syrup, nuts, or raisins, etc., and/or with fresh fruit.

MorgenStund' can also be used in lieu of wheat and/or oats in a wide variety of recipes, including muffins (there is a recipe for that right on the box) or cookies.

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