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Perfectly Raw ProEnergy Mix, 1.8kg Bag
Perfectly Raw - Pet Food
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Perfectly Raw - Pet Food

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Info: Available in Various Types, In-Store Only (Kept Frozen); Either in 1.8 Kilogram Bags, or Cases of Eight 1.8kg Bags

Real Food for Real Pets. Pet food made from top quality, all natural, freshly frozen ingredients -- without any corn, grain, fillers, hormones, steroids, or preservatives. That's what Baldwin Feeds has been producing for dog breeders, dog sledders, kennels, pet store owners, ranchers, and more for over 50 years in their family-owned and operated raw food manufacturing facility in Manitoba. Perfectly Raw is now available in store at Aviva (1224 St. James Street in Winnipeg).

Product Notes:

Raw food can provide many benefits compared to conventional pet foods, including improved digestion (with better stools); better coats, with less shedding, dander, and smell; healthier skin, teeth, and gums (and better breath!); stronger immune systems, with fewer infections; and better weight management.

We are currently stocking three types of Perfectly Raw products (others may be available by special order):

ProEnergy Mix

A three-protein, high-fat blend designed mainly for highly active dogs, show dogs, working dogs (such as sled dogs), lactating females, puppies, or underweight dogs with a higher energy need, to help develop stronger and healthier muscles, bones and joints to increase agility and build strength, speed and endurance.

Lean Chicken Dinner with Fruits & Veggies

Dogs aren't just carnivores: left to their own devices, they would eat entire animals like rabbits, including their bones, and whatever fruits, vegetables, or plant life they had consumed. This high protein meal contains ground, lean, meaty chicken bones fortified with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals supplied from a custom blend of eight whole fruits and veggies.

Lean Turkey Dinner with Fruits & Veggies

Like the Pro-Energy Mix, this is perfect for dogs with high energy needs (such as very active dogs, working dogs, or nursing dogs), except geared to those with chicken-related allergies (or dislikes). It features Ground Turkey, Bone In (double ground turkey frames), with a custom blend of fruits and vegetables for additional nutrients.


ProEnergy Mix: Ground chicken backs, cooked eggs, pork liver.

Lean Chicken Dinner with Fruits & Veggies: Ground chicken bone in, cooked eggs, pork liver, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, alfalfa, parsley, broccoli, kelp, blueberries.

Turkey Dinner with Fruits & Veggies: Double ground turkey frames, cooked eggs, pork liver, pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, alfalfa, parsley, broccoli, kelp, blueberries.

Suggested Usage:

The suggested servings vary by the weight and state of development of the dog, as follows:

For average dogs, Baldwin Feeds recommends serving them 2 to 3% of their ideal body weight per day. (So if your dog weighs 54 pounds, e.g., but is perhaps a little chubby and maybe ought to be 50 pounds considering their size and age, they should receive between a pound and a pound and a half of these raw foods a day: i.e., between a full brick and a brick and a half.)

For especially active dogs or pregnant dogs with greater nutritional needs, servings of 4% of the ideal body weight are recommended (i.e., 2 lbs/bricks for a 50 pound dog per day; or 3 for a 75 pound dog; etc.).

And for Performance dogs, growing Puppies, and Lactating females, that rises to 6% of the ideal weight per day (so a full 3 bricks a day for a 50 pound nursing mother dog, or slightly over half a brick for a 10 pound pup eating solid food).


Do not feed small dogs (under 15 pounds) raw food that is completely frozen: thaw it out, first.

Do not feed your dog kibble at the same feeding as the raw food, unless you are doing a temporary, slow transition with just a little raw food to start with, because the kibble may cause the raw food to be held in the digestive system for twice as long as it should be (normally 4-6 hours to for the raw, while the kibble takes 8-10 hours to digest), which could create gas.

Due to the risk of transmitting the bacteria that is present in ANY meat-based raw food, be sure to practice normal raw food handling precautions (e.g., always use glass or stainless steel bowls, and wash and sanitize daily). Exposure to raw foods might not be a good fit for certain households.

Product Options:
ProEnergy Mix (Bag of Four 1 lb. EZ-Snap Bricks) - $9.80 - UPC: 628451051916
Lean Chicken Dinner (Bag of Four 1 lb. EZ-Snap Bricks) - $11.47 - UPC: 628451051411
Turkey Dinner (Bag of Four 1 lb. EZ-Snap Bricks) - $12.34 - UPC: 628451051510
Case of ProEnergy Mix (8 Bags: 32 lbs altogether) - $70.56
Case of Lean Chicken Dinner (8 Bags: 32 lbs altogether) - $82.56
Case of Turkey Dinner (8 Bags: 32 lbs altogether) - $88.80