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Piggy Paint Princess theme Nail Art packet
Piggy Paint 3D Butterflies Nail Art packet
close-up of Piggy Paint 3-D Flowers Nail Art
Piggy Paint 3D Hearts Nail Art

Piggy Paint - 3-D Nail Art

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Info: Available in Several Types/Themes

If your child already enjoys "getting their nails done" but wishes for a little more pizzazz, they may really love these tiny little "3-D" Nail Art decals. (And they are quite tiny: you could fit 4 of them on a dime.) Each card (which is inserted in a flowery pink cardboard or faux wood 'frame' about 3 by 4 inches big) comes with several dozen stickers intended to go on top of fresh nail polish.

Product Notes:

There's one set with Butterflies; one with Flowers (similar to the one shown in close-up, except the card the stickers are on is white); a "Princess" themed one (with crowns, sceptres, castles and glass slippers on stools, many of them embossed with tiny sparkling jewels); Butterflies; and one with many different types of hearts (with lots of 'diamonds' in them) plus a couple of bouquets (similar to the ones shown, but with more defined borders and richer colours).

Suggested Usage:

1) Paint nails with Piggy Paint Nail Polish.

2) Select your preferred 3D Nail Art design.

3) Gently separate the selected sticker from the card with a fingernail, and either scoop it up with that nail or turn the card upside down to lower the separated sticker onto a fingertip, and,

4) Apply the sticker onto the nail of your choice.

5) Apply Piggy Paint Topcoat or Glass Slippers polish to seal the design on.

4) For maximum chip resistance, blow dry the nails for 1 minute with a hair dryer set on warm heat/low blower setting.


Choking hazard. Not intended for children under age 5.

Product Options:
Butterflies - $3.99 - UPC: 816884011977
Flowers - $3.99 - UPC: 850394002414
Hearts - $3.99 - UPC: 850394002469
Princess theme - $3.99 - UPC: 816884011960