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PL8 - Simply Clean Spray Brush

PL8 - Simply Clean Spray Brush

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Info: Combination Spray Bottle & Cleaning Brush

Unless you've grown it yourself, you can't be sure what's on the surface of that fresh produce you're about to eat, and in many cases, simply rinsing it under the sink won't really do -- you have to give it a good scrubbing, ideally with a food-safe cleaning solution containing vinegar or something similar. But things can get pretty cluttered around your sink if you have too many brushes and solutions about, so this handy 5 inch high by 2-1/2 inch wide unit with a 2-inch wide footprint combines three devices in one: an inset (but removable) spray bottle, and a dual-purpose 4-columned brush, with 10 rows of stiff half-inch bristles on the bottom for tougher skins like apples, and 5 rows of softer bristles above that, for thinner skinned fruit like peaches or mushrooms.


Nylon bristles and Polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) plastics for the bottle and handle -- all BPA free.

Suggested Usage:

Use either store-bought cleaners or homemade solutions, such as a simple mixture of 2 tablespoons of vinegar per bottle plus water (and optional orange peel) to wash away soil, pesticides, chemicals, or insects. Handwash for best results.
Simply Clean Spray Brush in Use

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