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Point6 Ultra Light Over The Calf Compression Sock in Black
Point6 - Ultra Light OTC Compression Socks
Ultra Light, OTC Compression Sock in Black Surge pattern
Ultra Light, OTC Compression Sock in Dot Pattern with Pink Accents
Point6 - Ultra Light OTC Compression Socks

Point6 - Ultra Light OTC Compression Socks

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Info: Over The Calf Length; In Different Types

Looking for a compression sock which helps the blood flow up and through your legs without leaving your feet feeling too constricted and overheated? These ones by Point6 (named after our optimal body temperature, 98.6 F, which they help maintain) should do the trick. All these types have just Ultra Light cushioning, to ensure a snug fit which won't induce chafing if you do a lot of walking.

Product Notes:

These Ultra Light OTC Compression Socks all feature not only the engineered fit of the regular Point6 Superior Merino Wool line of socks -- which feature superior moisture regulation and odor control for the feet -- along with graduated compression technology (which increases the further up the leg it goes) built into the long, extended cuff (which goes well over the calf), to stabilize the muscles and improve blood flow. This can boost energy, reduce soreness and fatigue, and shorten recovery time from injuries such as sprains.

You can choose here between two sets of solid black types of graduated compression socks (except for the company's logos in light blue at the toe and near the top) -- one set in the original material, and another in their new 37.5 Quick Dry Tech material described below -- or several other predominantly black ones in the original material, accented with either a 'surge' pattern either in faint grey or in a Robin's Egg colour, or with pink portions on the toe and heel and stripes up top and fairly faint grey dots on other areas.

With its new 37.5 Quick Dry Tech line, Point6 has enhanced its original material with active particles which not only make the socks far more breathable, but also faster to dry, and they can also keep your feet drier longer by decreasing sweat droplets from building up in the first place by drawing moisture away and dissipating it while it's still in vapor form. For those turning to compression socks to aid in recovering from an injury, this can be a real boon, enabling you to increase athletic output and blood flow and reduce the swelling you'd otherwise be encountering, compared to normal socks.


fits: US Men's sizes 6 through 8.5; or US Women's sizes 7 through 9.5; or EU sizes 38 through 41; or UK sizes 5 to 7.5.

Large fits: US Men's sizes 9 through 11.5; or US Women's sizes 10 through 12.5; or EU sizes 42 through 45; or UK sizes 8 to 10.5.

X-Large fits: US Men's sizes 12 through 14.5; EU sizes 46 through 49; or UK sizes 11 to 13.5.

Please see our Point6 - Superior Merino Wool Socks article for more information on the many advanced engineering features of this fine line of durable socks. 100% Lifetime Guarantee (shipping costs not included).


Ultra Light Black with grey Dots and Pink (Mexican Pink or Rose) Toes, Heels, and Top Stripes type:
55% Wool, 29% Nylon, 16% Spandex.

Solid Black (except for the light blue logos) Ultra Light types, vary as follows:

Large Solid Black Type: 59% Wool, 29% Nylon, 12% Spandex.

Medium Solid Black Type: 58% Wool, 31% Nylon, 11% Spandex.

Surge Pattern Types:
- Regular Point6: 55% Wool, 34% Nylon, 11% Spandex.
- 37.5 Quick Dry type: 58% Wool, 30% Nylon, 12% Spandex.

The Medium Size 37.5 Quick Dry Tech No Cushion / Ultra Light Type in the Solid Black Colour (except for the blue logos) is: 67% Wool, 30% Nylon, 3% Spandex.

Product Options:
Medium, Solid Black - $48.50 - UPC: 815555017652
Large, Solid Black - $48.50 - UPC: 815555017669
X-Large, Solid Black - $48.50 - UPC: 815555017676
Medium, Black with Grey Dots & Pink Accents - $48.50 - UPC: 813907011587
Medium, Black/Robin's Egg Surge Pattern - $48.50 - UPC: 814895027161
Large, Black/Robin's Egg Surge Pattern - $48.50 - UPC: 814895029509
Medium, Solid Black, 37.5 Quick Dry Tech - $52.99 - UPC: 814895024917
Medium, Black/Gray Surge, 37.5 Quick Dry Tech - $52.99 - UPC: 814895029707
Large, Solid Black, 37.5 Quick Dry Tech - $52.99 - UPC: 814895024924
X-Large, Solid Black, 37.5 Quick Dry Tech - $52.99 - UPC: 814895024931