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Prairie Naturals Beef Bone Broth Protein
Prairie Naturals Chicken Bone Broth Protein

Prairie Naturals - Bone Broth Protein

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Info: 300 g Jar; Available in Chicken or Beef

Whether you're in an exercise program, or want to help support your Joint, Skin, or Gut Health, or just want an easy to digest source of protein with no carbs, sugars, MSG, or preservatives, you can't go wrong getting back to basics with these pure bone broths. Made from 100% organic, antibiotic-free grass-fed beef or free-range chickens without any additives, MSG, or preservatives. these convenient gluten-free, dairy free, Paleo friendly powders can provide you with an instant source of protein which can either be taken on its own as a broth or integrated into a wide array of foods or drinks.

Product Notes:

Although this practice has fallen by the wayside in recent decades, our ancestors were really onto something when they used the whole animals they consumed for food, without wasting any. It turns out boiling down their bones to make soup stock wasn't only a way to wring out a few more meals just for a few more calories -- it's also a rich source of nutrients including collagen protein and connective- tissue building amino acids and minerals which help keep our own bones, joints and skin healthy, and can even benefit our gastro-intestinal health and immune system.

Of course, few of us have the time or inclination to prepare a soup stock like that from scratch, anymore, and it can also difficult to source the raw bones if you want them as pure as possible. So Prairie Naturals has made it easy for us with these convenient jars of certified organic Bone Broth Powder, which are made from 100% pasture-raised cattle (grass-fed and grass-finished) or chickens (free-range), which were raised without antibiotics or added hormones.


Beef: Organic, Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth Protein Powder.

Chicken: Organic, Free Range Chicken Bone Broth Protein Powder.

Made in the USA with USDA-inspected bones; minimally processed and spray-dried.

Due to naturally occurring variances in nature, the colour and texture of our Organic Beef Bone broth may vary.

Suggested Usage:

These Organic Bone Broth Protein powders are flavourless and odourless, and mix easily, with a smooth texture. Simply add one scoop (15g), either to 200 to 250 ml of warm or hot water, soup, or other hot beverages; or to 200 250 ml of cold water, juice, or smoothies... and flavour, as desired. Or blend it into sauces, gravy or other dishes to give them a protein boost.

Store jar in a cool, dry place.


Keep jar out of the reach of children.

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