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Prairie Naturals Sport - Keto Strips (Ketone Urinalysis Test Strips)

Prairie Naturals Sport - Keto Strips (Ketone Urinalysis Test Strips)

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Info: 100 Strips

If you're on a keto diet, you're likely eating a lot of dietary fat and maybe even some exogenous ketones hoping to achieve ketosis: the metabolic state where your body will actually burn fat to use as energy, instead of using glucose. But apart from obsessively monitoring your weight, how can you know if that's working, short of a blood test? Simply: by testing your urine. Just a quick dip with a test strip and looking up its colour on a chart is all it takes.


Sodium nitroprusside 7.8% W/W

Suggested Usage:

When you are ready to urinate, first pick a test strip out of the container, and promptly replace the cap of the container after taking out strip to preserve the others. Keep the container close at hand. Firmly hold the end of the strip farthest away from the Test Pad (with your thumb and index or middle finger), to be ready for the test. Commence urination. When you're nearly completed, quickly pass the Test Pad end of the strip through the urine stream. Wait 40 seconds for the Test Pad to resolve in color (which can range from beige to purple), then match that colour to the colour chart shown on the label of the container to find the result (the darker, the better). But do not wait too long -- the test is no longer accurate after 60 seconds. (So you only have a 20 second window to look it up.)

Do not remove or discard the desiccant / drying agent in the container. Keep the container of Keto Strips away from light and moisture. Do not refrigerate or freeze it / them. Discard the unused strips after the expiration date.

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