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Prepworks - Kitchen Gadgets
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Prepworks - Kitchen Gadgets

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Info: Several Types of Specialized Kitchen and Serving Devices Available

Prepworks is a division of Progressive International, which has been creating innovative kitchen tools and gadgets for over 40 years. The Prepworks line features durable, dishwasher-safe products with superior functionality and a fun, stylish design in vibrant colours.

Info: Several Types of Specialized Kitchen and Serving Devices Available

Prepworks is a division of Progressive International, which has been creating innovative kitchen tools and gadgets for over 40 years. The Prepworks line features durable, dishwasher-safe products with superior functionality and a fun, stylish design in vibrant colours.

Product Notes:


Have you heard about mandoline fruit or vegetable slicers but still find them a bit daunting? Or are there only two things you'd really like to do with them, anyway: make nice, even round slices (perhaps of various thicknesses) of cucumbers or tomatoes, for example, or of potatoes for scalloped potatoes; or maybe make little julienne shaped spears of zucchini for a stir-fry or of carrots for a garnish? We've got just the thing. With Progressive's patented design, there aren't several sets of blades you have to switch back and forth or a bunch of confusing settings, there's just two knobs to call into play, and it's really easy to operate and clean.


- 3-1/2 inch wide slicing surface accommodates fairly large produce, like big potatoes.
- Sliding button in front of handle easily adjusts between thin, medium or thick thicknesses for slicing.
- Slide that button all the way down to lock blade for safe cleaning and storage.
- Angled blade provides more efficient food slicing.
- clear plastic safety holder protects your fingers while enabling you to see how much produce is left to slice
- Non-skid base and ridges keep the slicer stable on cutting surface and enable use over a bowl.

Dimensions: the top is about 9 inches long and 4-1/2 inches wide and a little over an inch deep, not including the 3-1/2 inch long handle – about the size of the top of a Kleenex box.

Materials: ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene: a thermoplastic polymer), POM (Polyoxymethylene: a rigid thermoplastic), PP (polypropylene), Stainless Steel and TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers).


Grapes and cherry tomatoes can be devilishly difficult and messy to slice. But this clever device makes that as easy as can be. It's a combination holding tube with an easy grip handle on its side and a removable 'guillotine' blade assembly which slides right through it. You just fill the 8-inch long, 1-1/4 inch diameter tube with whatever you want sliced (whether raw cherry tomatoes or grapes, or large pitted olives, or even wieners or smokies; fit the collar of the blade assembly onto it; pull it down (or across, if you hold the unit horizontally); then simply pour the sliced contents out, and you're done.

Prepworks Zip Slicer in Use

Materials: The Serrated blades, which are concealed while slicing, are Stainless Steel. The tube is made of shatterproof Tritan™ plastic; and the blade assembly and handle grip are made of ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) thermoplastic polymer, and TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers). BPA free.


It can be tricky to liberate and serve avocados up without making a bit of a mess of it, unless you use a variety of implements. After all, first you need to cut the skin; then cut the fruit in half without scoring the bitter pit; then remove the pit; and then scoop the flesh away from the skin (and possibly slice it), all as cleanly as possible the first time, so you don't get some on your fingers or have to scrape remnants off the pit or the peel. This single tool has a clever, patented design to safely do all that in very little time.

Prepworks Avocado Tool in use

You might think of it as a complete Avocado Sword: its stainless steel serrated blade can slice the skin and halve the avocado, and has a rounded tip so you can also slice the halves into sections while it is still in the skin without penetrating the skin; the 'pommel' or base of the sword/tool includes two sets of teeth to dig into the pit to pull it out; and the removable silicone "scabbard" snaps into place to protect the blade (and your household) when it's not in use, and has a flat spoon head for scooping the avocado away from and out of the skin, when it is.

Materials: PP (polypropylene), Nylon, Stainless Steel and Silicone.


If you want finely diced garlic and you're not a wizard with a knife or don't want to get really smelly fingers, there are many options open to you, but this device with a patented design may be one of the slickest.

To load the Garliq, you just release the cartridge by squeezing the buttons on the sides and slide it out, pop one or more (up to 4, on average) peeled cloves into it, snap it back in, and you're good to go. In addition to garlic, you can also cut perfectly uniform cubes from radishes, carrots, or many other vegetables.

After loading, you only have to squeeze it with one hand, like a flour sifter (or staple gun), and you can do so right over the pot, pizza, salad, or salad dressing mixer the minced garlic is to go in, without having to transfer it.

Prepworks Garliq Mincer

The Garliq also includes a comb for cleaning the skin out of the pushing grid, which can be nested into a slot on the bottom of the side, when not in use.

Materials: ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a type of thermoplastic polymer), POM (Polyoxymethylene, a stiff type of thermoplastic) and Stainless Steel.


Green, red, or yellow peppers can make great additions to salads, pizzas, and other dishes or feature as entrées in their own right when stuffed, but sometimes the prep work can be a bit off-putting, to have to deal with carefully cutting down into and around the core and scraping away all the tiny seeds. Similarly, sometimes we may want to stuff jalapeño peppers, but you practically have to be a surgeon to try to carve out just the centre while leaving the rest intact. This Dynamic Duo tackles both jobs with alacrity. Each Pepper Corer Duo set consists of both a larger (about 2 inch diameter) corer for a variety of bell peppers or tomatoes, and a smaller 3/4" diameter one for jalapeños or chili peppers, which can be stored inside the larger one. Simply push the corer in (after removing the top, for jalapenos, either with a knife or the pointy tip of the corer), twist, and pull out to remove both the core and the seeds at once. They're made of durable nylon, which is dishwasher safe, and the larger one has slots to nestle the smaller one within it, for consolidated storage. The larger corers come in three colours but all have the same barcode, so you might receive either a red, yellow, or purple one, and they're all paired with a green-coloured smaller corer.


Whether you're the type who likes to prep things either in advance or in over-abundance, or you only need to use part of one at any given time, you've likely been left with the problem of how to store unpeeled onions without them transferring their smell and taste to everything in your fridge.The Onion Keeper is a transparent airtight container with a special stainless steel insert in its lid specially designed to neutralize the odors. It's about 4-1/2 inches in diameter and sits 2-3/4 inches high: small enough to fit in narrow shelves or atop other items, but large enough to accommodate half of even large onions. It can hold up to 1-3/4 cups of diced onions (or peppers, for that matter).

Materials: SAN (Styrene-acrylonitrile resin) plastic, Stainless Steel and TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers). Dishwasher safe.


Now that you've prepared all these fresh fruit and veggie slices, what are you going to do with them? Why, feed them to your family or guests, of course, but if that's to be in the living or rec room while watching a game or something, it can be tricky to try situate everyone near a table or quite a balancing act for them if there are both plates of finger foods or appetizers and bowls of sauces or dips to manage. Plus there's that awkward risk of someone "double dipping" when there's a shared bowl for the dip.

These handy personal-sized Dip Clips can take care of both problems, by ensuring the salsa, dressings, or condiments are always close to the actual user and/or item they're for. They can be hung directly on the sides of either bowls (if they have lips) or plates (double up the plates, if using paper plates); their soft-grip button keep the cup situated in place while in use.

They're great for shrimp cocktail sauce, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, ranch or other dressings, or mustard, ketchup, or barbecue sauce. They come in four different colors, so people can keep track of their own plates at a barbecue or party. They work with almost any plate materials and sizes. Materials: PP (polypropylene) and TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers).

Prepworks Can Colander in Use


Tired of nearly cutting your fingers by trying to strain cans with their own lids? Or do you find that the contents tend to spill when using conventional strainers, or that those strainers are difficult to clean, after? Then try this helpful dedicated Can Colander, which has a patented design to neatly and easily drain the liquids from canned goods.

Just fit the colander over the opened can, and then turn them both upside down to drain, while holding the tabs on the colander with your fingers and balancing the can between your thumbs. It works both with the regular sized cans fruit or vegetables come in and the larger diameter cans like salmon or tuna. (You just change the orientation of the colander accordingly, with the perforated side either facing up, above the can, for regular cans (which fit inside the colander), or down into the can, for wider cans. Material: Plastic.

Dimensions: 3 inch internal diameter; 3-1/4 inch bottom diameter; 1 inch deep; and 4-1/2 inches across, including handles.

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Julienne & Slicer - $44.99 - UPC: 078915037183
Zip Slicer - $12.99 - UPC: 078915049056
Avocado Tool - $14.99 - UPC: 078915044099
Garliq Garlic Mincer - $19.99 - UPC: 078915041715
Pepper Corer Duo - $13.99 - UPC: 078915040640
Onion Keeper - $9.99 - UPC: 078915020154
Dip Clips (Set of 4) - $9.99 - UPC: 078915039668
Can Colander - $4.99 - UPC: 078915046048