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Prepworks - Food Prep Machine

Prepworks - Food Prep Machine

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Info: Combo Manual Spinner, Chopper and Blender

Ever think you'd like a fancy food processor or blender but just can't justify or bear the cost? For just a fraction of the price, this manually operated unit can do a surprising amount of things. For starters, it has a spinning basket that's great for drying lettuce or other vegetables you've just washed for salads, or strawberries or other small fruit. It also comes with a serrated blade you can attach to the spindle to chop up many kinds of fruits or vegetables, whether for salads or coleslaw, etc. Alternatively, there are rotary beater heads you can use to blend guacamole or salsa or other sauces or dressings; there's a hole on the lid (with a snap-on cap) so you can add liquids for that, while cranking -- and that cap even doubles as an egg separator.

Product Notes:

Has a non-skid base and a drip free pouring spout.

Capacity: up to 4 cups liquid.

Dimensions: Comes in a 7 x 7 x 7 inch box.
UPC / Barcode: 078915001313