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Preserve - Shave 5 Replacement Cartridges
the face of a Preserve Shave 5 Five-Bladed Cartridge

Preserve - Shave 5 Replacement Cartridges

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Info: 4 Five-Bladed Cartridges per Pack

If you're a 'Blade Man' or Woman, the best way to help Preserve and beautify both the environment and your skin while you shave is to keep reusing their Shave 5 Shaving System (which delivers exceptional shaves to men or women, alike) and outfitting its handle (which is made from at least 90% recycled BPA-free plastic) with these replacement blade cartridges designed for it.

Product Notes:

There are 5 ceramic-coated blades on each head to make quick, easy, efficient work of it, with a lubricating strip which incorporates aloe and cocoa butter to smooth the way, and the cartridge itself moves easily over contours and angles. They come in resealable pouches containing four cartridges, each.

No animal testing was done with this product.

UPC / Barcode: 631740050545