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Personal Magnetic Compact, holding several pans of makeup (not included)
The Pure Anada Personal Magnetic Compact on top of Pro model
Pure Anada Pro Magnetic Compact
Pure Anada Empty Foundation Magnetic Compact

Pure Anada - Reusable Magnetic Compact

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Info: Available in Two Sizes (makeup not included)

These stylish reusable magnetic-bottomed compacts are designed to be used with Pure Anada's three lines of pressed mineral colors, but they will also work for other types of cosmetics which come in a shallow steel-containing pan designed for dispensing just a limited amount at a time. You can choose between a mid-sized Personal one (which is shown on top of the larger model in the Notes below), which is coming out in a new colour with a floral pattern (coming soon); or the larger Pro Magnetic Compact below it; or a floral-patterned one designed to fit the Pure Anada Pressed Mineral Foundation pans.

Product Notes:

Pure Anada magnetic compacts filled with sample product lids inside

The personal size makeup case with a magnetic bottom (and a metal strip built into the lid to hold it shut when closed) was designed to be used with Pure Anada's three lines of pressed mineral shades for the eyes, cheeks, or foundation so you can carry just the particular makeup palette you are using at the moment with you. It measures 4.75 inches across by 2.75 inches: large enough to fit one of their 10 gram foundation colour lids and one 10g cheek colour lid simultaneously, OR one cheek or foundation colour and four 1 gram eye colours lids (as shown here), OR up to eight eye colours. (It is half an inch deep externally, but only 1/4 of an inch deep within.)

the Pressed Foundation-sized Empty Compact, half opened

The larger Pro model measures 8.5" by a little over 5.5" -- large enough to hold a broad array of makeups, but slender enough (at a little over 1/2" deep) to fit into most larger handbags.

The Empty Foundation Compact, which is slightly under 3-1/4" square and holds a 2-1/4" diameter pan, is more cream-coloured, rather than black, and features an authentic, vintage botanical drawing from the 1800s, as shown. It has a mirror built into its inner lid.

Product Options:
Personal Magnetic Compact (temporarily unavailable) - $4.99 - UPC: 705105413099
Pro Magnetic Compact - $11.99 - UPC: 039853100315
Empty Foundation Compact - $4.99 - UPC: 039853100780