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Pure Anada - Vegan Makeup Brushes
Pure Anada - Vegan Makeup Brushes
Pure Anada - Vegan Makeup Brushes

Pure Anada - Vegan Makeup Brushes

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Info: Available in Several Types or in a Travel Kit (Prices Vary by Type)

Pure Anada offers a number of high quality, affordable brushes which are both cruelty-free and sustainable, and are ideal for the perfect application of their or others' mineral makeup. Their synthetic bristles are made of an extremely soft micro-fibre, while the handles are crafted of eco-friendly bamboo wood. Please see the Notes below for details.

Product Notes:

Pure Anada Contour Crease Brush

A number of individual brushes are available:

- a long-handled Contour Crease Brush (shown here) is great for getting a concentrated deep color in the crease of your eye to really add drama to your eye shadow look.

Pure Anada Duo Eye Brush

- a Duo (two-headed) Eye Brush (shown here), with a fine-tipped angled liner brush, to apply loose mineral liner or a brow pomade, on one end, and a shadow brush on the other (just dip into the minerals, tap, and apply); it's nearly 5-1/2 inches long altogether, with the longest bristles on one end being 3/8" and the ones on the angle brush only going up to 1/4";

- a Tapered Blending Eye Brush: a fluffy blending eye shadow brush great for creating a diffused shadow in the crease, or for blending your eye shadow, or even to blend concealer lines;

Pure Anada Mini Kabuki Brush

- a Mini Kabuki / Blush Brush, which is great for sampling a foundation, or for travelling with your mineral blushes, or as a mini-bronzing brush to apply cheek color; it has 1-inch long bristles and just a 1-inch long handle and is 7/8" in diameter;

Pure Anada Blending Face Brush

- a medium-length handled Blending Face Brush (shown here), which has a large fluffy head, making it perfect for applying finishing powder or to create a diffused powder foundation look;
Pure Anada Deluxe Tapered Blush Brush

- a full bodied, Deluxe Tapered Blush Brush (whose bristles are 1-1/2" long; the entire brush is nearly 5" long), which can be used for any cheek colour, including blush and bronzer (if it's a Pure Anada loose mineral, just tap a small amount into the lid of the pot, and swirl the brush in the pigments); and,

- a Vegan Flat Top Foundation Brush, which is slightly longer (5-1/2") and whose handle is also 5/8" in diameter, with 1" long bristles, which is perfect for applying loose mineral foundation.

There is also a Travel Ensemble brush set, as shown in the main photos, which includes these six travel-sized brushes enclosed in a 6 by 4-1/4 inch white canvas carrying bag which has a zipper and a snap: it includes a mini flat-top Foundation brush; a dome-shaped Blush brush; an Oval Shadow brush; a Contour shadow brush; an angled Liner/Brow brush; and a Tapered Blending Eye brush.

Suggested Usage:

How to clean your brushes:

Pure Anada brushes can be shampooed. If properly cared for, they can last a lifetime. They suggest shampooing your brushes with a gentle hair shampoo. Or, for a thorough, deep cleansing, you can even use an environmentally friendly dish detergent. This cuts through any oils and makeup residue on the bristles.

Directions: Use a mild shampoo and some warm water, and gently lather and rinse repeatedly until the water runs clear. Then let air dry, with the head of the brush over the edge of a counter-top. (Do not let the brush dry upright, as the water will run into the base of the brush.)

Frequency of washing will depend on how often the brush is used, as well as bacteria issues. Washing once a week is recommended for people with acne or related skin conditions. Once a month is sufficient, otherwise. If your brush starts to feel stiff, washing it will soften it back to its original touch.

Product Options:
Contour Crease Brush - $9.99
Duo Eye Brush - $9.99 - UPC: 705105409399
Tapered Blending Eye Brush - $9.99 - UPC: 630129543830
Mini Kabuki Brush - $11.99 - UPC: 705105409498
Blending Face Brush - $13.99
Deluxe Tapered Blush Brush - $13.99 - UPC: 705105409191
Vegan Flat Top Foundation - $16.99 - UPC: 705105426495
6 Piece Travel Ensemble - $32.50 - UPC: 705105400891