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Aviva - Pure Raw Manitoba Honey

Aviva - Pure Raw Manitoba Honey

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Info: 500 grams of Pure Creamed Honey in Glass Jar

Raw honey not only tastes great and makes a great sweetener in beverages and in or on a wide variety of foods, but it also has antioxidants (powerful immune-boosting compounds which may protect against conditions like heart disease and cancer). Some find it to be an effective cough suppressant, offering more night-time relief to those with upper respiratory infections than some over-the-counter medications; and there are also suggestions that local wildflower honey may relieve seasonal allergies for some people.

Product Notes:

This Pure Manitoba Wild Creamed Honey* pictured at top left comes from a local supplier, whose bees collected the nectar from wildflowers, including clover, dandelion, alfalfa and apple blossoms. It is available to be ordered here in a 500 gram glass jar for the price listed.

For local shoppers, there have also been several other types we have carried in a much larger size (1.4 kg / 3.08 pounds) such as the three pictured below, which previously retailed for $19.99, if purchased in-store (but that price may vary for the next lots). They may be available for shipping, but there may be additional shipping costs due to their weight (particularly since they all come in glass mason jars). Please contact the store for details.

* Creamed honey has had air whipped into it so that it crystallizes throughout at an even rate, with much smaller crystals than tends to happen if it is left to solidify in colder temperatures. This makes it easier to scoop out a teaspoon at a time for your tea, for example.
A selection of previous types of Aviva Manitoba Honeys in larger sizes