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PureCare - Pillow Protector with Celliant Fibers
PureCare - Pillow Protector with Celliant Fibers

PureCare - Pillow Protector with Celliant Fibers

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Info: Available in 3 Sizes

Like their corresponding Pure Care mattress protectors, these pillow protectors can not only guard your pillow against moisture, mold, and mildew damage to prolong its lifespan, but, thanks to the Celliant fibers woven into their fabric, they can also help make you more comfortable and improve your sleep, by helping balance your body temperature. These pillow protectors are allergen-proof, dust-mite proof, and provide 360-degree moisture protection, and yet their silky fabric remains completely breathable, thanks to their AirXchange micro filtration technology.

Product Notes:

Benefits of a Celliant Mattress Protector

Celliant fabrics contain a patented blend of thermo-reactive minerals infused into the core of their fibers. When Celliant fabrics are close to our bodies, they can convert our body heat into a safe form of infrared energy which can increase the bloodflow to our muscles and tissues, which helps regulate temperature levels and can even improve recovery or healing times related to exercise or injury.

These durable protectors have a 5 year warranty.

Product labels or packaging may differ slightly from the ones shown.

Care Instructions:

Use HOT settings when washing and drying.

Product Options:
Standard - $33.99 - UPC: 877235003904
Queen - $54.99 - UPC: 877235003911
King - $64.99 - UPC: 782717405032