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PureCare - Mattress Protector with Aromatherapy

PureCare - Mattress Protector with Aromatherapy

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Info: For Trim Mattresses (8 to 13.5 inches deep)

These durable five-sided (all but the bottom) protectors have a limited lifetime warranty to safeguard your mattress manufacturer's warranty when purchased with a new mattress. They fit over any mattress (whether air, innerspring, memory foam, or latex) just like a fitted sheet, and provide sweet-smelling, waterproof and breathable protection all night long. They're made of OmniGuard® Advance Lightweight Performance Fabric featuring Antibacterial Silver -- a silky soft, waterproof yet breathable fabric which won't change the feel of your mattress, but will safeguard it from mold, mildew, allergens, and dust mites, even at the seams (which are sewn MiteTight).

Product Notes:

Lay yourself down in a bed of fresh flower-petals with Pure Care's Five-Sided Mattress Protectors featuring Aromatherapy, which have a built-in pocket with Velcro fasteners to easily insert an aromatherapy sachet in or out of, to provide soothing scents for up to three months per packet. They come initially with a sachet of natural Lavender buds (which are known to promote relaxation), but replacement Jasmine, Mandarin, Sandalwood, and Eucalyptus sachets are also available from our PureCare Aromatherapy Bedding Refill Sachets page. Flavour the world of your dreams, and wake up feeling fabulously refreshed!

Care Instructions:

Remove aromatherapy sachet before laundering. Use HOT settings when washing and drying. Do not bleach.

Product Options:
Full (54" x 75") - $129.99 - UPC: 782717360461
Queen (60" x 80") - $139.99 - UPC: 782717360508
King (76" x 80") - $159.99 - UPC: 782717360782