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Radius - Natural Dental Floss

Radius - Natural Dental Floss

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UPC Code: 085178001851

Info: 30m/33yds or 50m/55yds

Floss is the most important tool in fighting and preventing periodontal diseases, as it can clean areas that you cannot reach by brushing alone.  Radius Organic Silk Floss (30m/33yds) is sourced from the fair-trade co-op CORSEDA, located in the mountains of Columbia, and is spun by hand.

100% biodegradable, Radius Organic Silk Floss is unflavoured, and takes between 60-90 days (approximately) to break down.  Mint Floss (50m/55yds) is 100% vegan, and contains Xylitol for improved gum health, as well as natural mint and Tea Tree for freshness and antibacterial benefits.

Product Notes:

Organic Silk Floss

Organic Silk Floss (100% biodegradable): UPC 085178001851

Mint Floss (100% vegan): UPC 085178001868


Organic Silk Floss (100% biodegradable) - 30m/33yds: USDA Organic Silk, Candelilla plant wax.

Mint Floss (100% vegan) - 50m/55yds: Natural USDA made Xylitol, Natural Mint, Natural Tea Tree Oil, Vegan Candelilla wax.

Radius Flosses are not tested on animals, and do not contain: fluoride, GMO ingredients, gluten, synthetic waxes, or artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners.

Suggested Usage:

Measure out desired amount of floss (try 18"), and wind around index fingers, leaving approximately 4" in-between. Slide the floss between teeth and curving around a tooth, use an up-and-down motion to remove plaque and debris from between teeth and gumline. Repeat using clean section of floss with each adjacent tooth.
UPC Code: 085178001851