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Sappho Blush Brush, after the bristles spread out with use
Sappho Blush Brush in package, before bristles spread out

Sappho Cosmetics - Kabuki / Blush Brush

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Info: Limited Quantity Available

Info: Limited Quantity Available

Sappho makeup brushes have been manufactured with sustainable bamboo handles and taklon* bristles (*a cruelty-free, allergy-free synthetic fiber) and are laboratory-tested to ensure their paints and glues are free of toxins. Their blush brushes are slightly flared in order to be able to take up those types of makeup and deposit them evenly. They are easy to clean and maintain, and are designed for long-term use.

Product Notes:

The Kabuki or Blush Brush is compact (about 5 inches long, altogether, and about 3/4" in diameter, with bristles about 1-1/2" long), but performs as well as larger ones. It is soft yet strong, and can be used for blush, powder foundation and bronzer.

Care Instructions:

Brushes like these can be cleaned with a gentle hair shampoo, or an environmentally friendly dish detergent to remove oils and makeup residue. Wet the bristles with warm water; put some shampoo or dish detergent in the palm of your hand; swirl the brush in it; rinse, and repeat until clean. Be sure to lay the brushes flat (not vertically) to dry.

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