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Scanpan - Glass Lid (8 or 9.5 Inch)

Scanpan - Glass Lid (8 or 9.5 Inch)

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Info: Available in 8 or 9.5 inch Outer Diameter

Glass covers are great, because they enable you to see how much something is bubbling or boiling without having to lose the heat or steam by lifting them to check. Although originally designed for their own line of quality cookware, these two transparent glass covers by SCANPAN are suitable for any frying pan or other pot or pan with an inner diameter of up to either 8 inches/20 cm, or 9.5"/24 cm. They can also be used in the oven (but not the microwave, since they have a stainless steel rim on the side and steel plates and a large screw on top to attach the large ergonomic ceramic titanium knob), and are safe to use up to 260C/500F. Dishwasher safe.

Product Notes:

These lids have a recessed inner lip to fit snugly into 8 or 9.5 inch exterior diameter pans in particular: their inner diameters are about 7-3/4"/19.5 cm and 9-5/16"/23.5 cm, respectively.

Product Options:
8 inch / 20 cm outer diameter - $32.99 - UPC: 083421900203
9.5 inch / 24 cm outer diameter - $32.99 - UPC: 083421900241