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Silit 4 Pot Quadro Silargan Cookware Set, Black
Bottom of a Silit Quadro Silargan Pot
Lid of a Silit Quadro Silargan Pot
Handle of a Silit Quadro Silargan Pot
Silit 4 Pot Quadro Silargan Cookware Set, Red

Silit - 4 Pot Quadro Silargan Cookware Set

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Info: Set includes 3 Casserole Pots, 1 Saucepan, and 3 Lids; Available in Red or Black

This top quality German-made set of cookware by Silit combines their highly innovative Silargan cooking surface with a square design (which is also relatively innovative, for stovetop cookware), to maximize its efficiency and durability. The pots each have sturdy, ergonomically designed steel handles (which are hollow, to limit how hot they get), and the set comes with three snugly fitting see-through lids, so you can monitor the progress without needlessly letting out the steam or heat. The 'quad' shape also has several benefits, outlined below.

Product Notes:

The four pots themselves are each made of a single drawn piece of extra-sturdy ferromagnetic steel, and coated with Silargan: a high-tech, closed/non-porous, anti-bacterial ceramic coating, which is cut-, scratch-, and chip-resistant, has very heat conduction (it heats quickly and evenly) and optimum heat retention, and is nickel-free, to preserve the full taste and flavour of your ingredients. That proprietary cooking surface is dark, because that stores the heat better, and enables beautiful browning and full aromas when roasting.

Each Set Contains:

  • a 2 Litre Capacity, 16 cm Diameter Low Casserole/Stewing Pot, with Glass Lid
  • a 3.7 Litre Capacity, 18 cm Diameter High Casserole/Stewing Pot, with Glass Lid
  • a 6.8 Litre Capacity, 22 cm Diameter High Casserole/Stewing Pot, with Glass Lid
  • these 3 included press-in lids are made with transparent, heat-resistant glass and stainless steel rims and handles, which are hollow to keep them cooler
  • a 2 Litre Capacity, 16 cm Diameter Sauté / Sauce pan.

Other Features and Benefits:

  • Square design offers better use of space: the pots hold more than comparably sized round ones, so there is a better chance of being able to use many large pots simultaneously on your stove, and they are particularly well-suited to the new induction stoves with flexinduction hobs or zones (which sense the shape of the pans and adjust the heat zones accordingly).
  • Stackable (they can be nested together), to save on storage space.
  • Can be used on all types of stoves: electric, gas, glass/ceramic, induction, or sensor. The materials conduct heat quickly and evenly right up to the rim of the pots, enabling better and more energy-efficient preparation.
  • Dishwasher Safe, and also Oven-safe, up to 450F.
  • Nickel free surface (both internal and external) prevents leaching that metal into your food (which can alter the taste, and which some are allergic to).
  • Flared pouring rim makes for easier, cleaner pouring out of the corners.
  • 30-year limited warranty on the inner and outer ceramic Silargan surface of the cookware, which applies under conditions of normal use.

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