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Silit Glasdeckel Glass Lid, side view
Silit Glasdeckel Glass Lid, top view

Silit - Glasdeckel Glass Lid

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Info: 24 cm diameter.

If you're tired of the spatters and steam released every time you open the lids of your pots and pans to check on your food, you need a glass lid. With a glass lid, you'll be able to keep steam, spatters, and juices inside the cookware, preserving flavours and heat while you glance at your delicious, healthy food every now and then through the glass to see whether it's ready or needs stirring. But don't settle for a standard lid made from cheap and easily breakable material; what you want is Silit, known internationally for its premium quality cookware.

Product Notes:

Meeting all the high standards you've come to expect from Silit, these lids, compatible with Silit and other cookware, feature ergonomic black plastic handles, and are 24 cm in diameter. Invest in a lid you can trust from a name you can trust today!

UPC Code: 4004633171829