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Info: Replacement Bulbs for Sperti Lamps

These bulbs are temporarily unavailable from the manufacturer.

Replacement fluorescent light tubes for use with Sperti lamps. Please ensure that you select the bulbs that are compatible with your lamp.

Product Notes:

* the D/UVF bulbs are for use with the Sperti Vitamin D Sunlamp; they are designed to emit sufficient amounts of UVB wavelength lights to enable Vitamin D production in the body.

* Fiji Sun bulbs are for use with the Sperti Fiji Sun Tanning Sunlamp; they emit more wavelengths in the UVA range, to enable tanning.

The D/UV-F bulbs are custom made exclusively for the Vitamin D Lamp, model D/UV-F (which uses 4 of them). This video describes how to replace them (and shows which screws to remove to do so).

The Fiji model FR20T12/BL/HO Tanning bulbs are for use only with the Fiji Sun lamp (which also uses 4 bulbs). Fiji Sun bulbs last a very long time: approximately 1000 hours of use. Tanning sessions should average approximately ten minutes of exposure time.

Bulbs ship from Canada, no additional import fees.

Product Options:
Fiji Sun Fluorescent (Single Bulb) - $44.99
D-UVF Vitamin D Fluorescent (Single Bulb) - $44.99