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Info: Replacement Bulbs for Sperti Lamps

Shipping included in Canada. Replacement bulbs for use with Sperti lamps.

Please ensure that you select the bulbs that are compatible with your lamp.

D/UVF bulbs are for use with the Sperti Vitamin D Sunlamp

TF10 bulbs are for use with the Sperti Fiji Sun Tanning Sunlamp.

Product Notes:

Tanning bulbs are for use only with the Fiji Sun lamp. Fiji Sun bulbs last a very long time (approximately 1000 hours of use). FR20T12/BL/HO - P/N: TF 10 - 2695 - S056

Product Options:
D-UVF Vitamin D Fluorescent (Box of 2 Bulbs ) - $119.99
TF10 Fiji Sun Fluorescent (Box of 2 Bulbs) - $119.99