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API Kirk Containers - Storage Pails

API Kirk Containers - Storage Pails

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Info: Available in-store in 2, 3.5. or 6 U.S. Gallon Sizes

These smooth-walled food-grade storage pails can be used to hold a wide range of items - everything from pet food to paint. They're made with HDPE-FDA Approved Resin, in various thicknesses specified below, and have wire metal handles with a plastic tube grip in the middle. It is not cost-effective to ship these pails given their size, but it might be possible to ship some, particularly in quantity, or in conjunction with other items; please contact the store to see if arrangements can be made.

Product Notes:

The largest size, which holds 6 U.S. gallons, is 17.38" high, has 90 millimeter thick walls, and is the standard 12 inch (actually 11.89") diameter, so the Gamma Seal Lid fits it perfectly.

The intermediate size is 10.72" high, holds 3.5 US. gallons, but only has 75 mil. thick walls and so has a slightly smaller diameter (11.84") than the full size one, so although the Gamma Seal Lid does slip onto it, it doesn't form an airtight tight seal, so would only be a suitable lid for dry goods.

The 2 gallon pail is just a little shorter (9.28"), but has a much smaller diameter (9.67"), and its walls are 65 millimetres thick.

Product Options:
2 U.S. Gallon - $6.00
3.5 U.S. Gallon - $8.00
6 U.S. Gallon - $10.00