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SunLife Lighting - Full Spectrum SunLife Bulb

SunLife Lighting - Full Spectrum SunLife Bulb

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Info: Available in Several Wattages

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Unique photocatalyst and negative ion full spectrum lamp with AirWash technology - a breath of fresh light. SunLife bulbs help purify the air, eliminate odors and airborne pathogens including mold, fungi, bacteria, germs, viruses and cigarette smoke.

Info: Available in Several Wattages

Save Big on Groups of 6 Bulbs - 50% Off!

Unique photocatalyst and negative ion full spectrum lamp with AirWash technology - a breath of fresh light. SunLife bulbs help purify the air, eliminate odors and airborne pathogens including mold, fungi, bacteria, germs, viruses and cigarette smoke.

Product Notes:

SunLife healthy lighting helps to eliminate airborne contaminants that can trigger asthma and allergies. High negative ion output may increase energy levels and relieve depression. Full spectrum lighting with a perfect 5500 degree color balance. These bulbs provide natural light that is easy on the eyes -- reducing eye strain. Perfect colour reproduction; ideal for cosmetic, clothing, viewing colour.

Sunlife Lighting equivalency chart

Usage Guidelines: Please note that the smaller wattage bulbs (15, 21 or 26W) should only be used in either a horizontal or an upright position -- i.e., they are not suited for fixtures where the bulb is pointing down, and will not function properly if screwed into a hanging or recessed ceiling fixture. (The 35 or 45 watt bulbs can be used in any orientation, however.) None of these bulbs should be totally enclosed: they need to be open to the air in order to be able to purify it.

Air Purifying Full Spectrum Light: State of the art full spectrum light bulbs. The healthiest lighting available anywhere, Sunlife lights are not only full spectrum, they also help clean your air.

SunLife - The healthiest lighting available anywhere.

15w SunLife Air Purifying Light BulbTIO2 Coating / Negative Ion / Anion / 110 Volts / 60Hz / 5500 Kelvin / 92 CRI. Air purification areas listed assume standard 8 foot ceiling. Ozone free.

Photocatalytic Technology - Purifies the air by converting airborne contaminants to water and carbon dioxide

The Healthy Choice

• Eliminates odors, mold spores, fungi, bacteria, germs, tobacco smoke and volatile organic compounds.
• Reduces airborne particles that can trigger respiratory problems, allergies and asthma.
• High negative ion output -- may increase energy levels and improve mood
• Ozone free.

Natural Light: Perfect Color Balance / Full Spectrum 5500 K / Color Rendering Index: 92

Saves Energy: Uses 75% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. Long life -- lasts up to 10,000 hours.

Save money: Never buy another air freshener

For a Healthy Environment: SunLife light bulbs meet or exceed the RoHS directives for compact fluorescent bulbs.

SunLife is ideal for home, offices, bars, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, schools, basements, closets, kennels, smoking rooms and pet areas. Non-toxic - Safe for the whole family.

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15 Watt (equivalent to 60 watt incandescent) - SLFS159255-9
- 825 lumen, 10,000 hour life, 226 mA. Air Purification Area: 80 sq ft.

21 Watt (equivalent to 80 watt incandescent) - SLFS219255-9
- 1155 lumen, 10,000 hour life, 318 mA. Air Purification Area: 100 sq ft.

26 Watt (equivalent to 100 watt incandescent) - SLFS269255-9
- 1430 lumen, 10,000 hour life, 394 mA. Air Purification Area: 135 sq ft.

35 Watt (equivalent to 150 watt incandescent) - SLFS359255-9
- 1925 lumen, 8,000 hour life, 530 mA. Air Purification Area: 200 sq ft.

45 Watt (equivalent to 200 watt incandescent) - SLFS459255-9
- 2860 lumen, 8,000 hour life, 833 mA. Air Purification Area: 400 sq ft. Please note, this particular bulb is quite large -- about 8 inches long, altogether (or about 7-1/2" tall, past the fixture), and about 3 inches in diameter -- so please be mindful of that if there is limited clearance for your lamp or light fixture or if it is meant to work with a smaller lampshade.

A note on Sunlife lighting technology from Nathan Zassman

This is a unique full spectrum light bulb that purifies the air using PCO, or Photo Catalytic Oxidation. These bulbs produce safe "hydroxyl radicals" which interact with airborne contaminants, destroying them. The end product from the destruction of the airborne contaminants is carbon dioxide and water. Some people are skeptical when they learn that a light bulb can do this, but these work well, and are effective.

Another benefit of the Sunlife bulbs, is that they produce negative ions, which are associated with improved mood and long life. Many negative ion producing products also produce ozone, which is a lung irritant and health hazard. Sunlife bulbs produce no ozone.

SunLife Standards and Certifications

1 Year Warranty.

Wholesale inquiries welcome.


Caution: Do not use where directly exposed to water. Do not use with electronic timers, photocells, dimmer lights, in emergency fixtures, or in totally enclosed fixtures.

Please note that the smaller bulbs (15/21/26W) should be used in a horizontal or upright position. These bulbs are not suited for fixtures where the bulb is pointing down (i.e. screwed into a hanging or recessed ceiling fixture).

These bulbs are for use with North American 110/120 voltage, and are not compatible with 220/240 voltage.

SunLife Customer Reviews:

I'm sending this e-mail to tell you of my experience with SunLife full spectrum bulbs.

I bought the bulbs from Aviva about a year ago. In the weeks following, I noticed that I really didn't have to dust my furniture because there was no dust on it! I told my friend about it, and she didn't believe me, so she ran her hand along my entertainment centre, and was surprised that there was no dust at all. This was after I hadn't dusted for three weeks.

My husband and I are both smokers, but there is much less smoke smell than before, plus not as much smoke film on the walls. As a matter of fact, when we’ve been out and come back home, there is no smell of smoke.

The lights themselves take care of eyestrain when I'm reading. I notice a big difference if I read where there is ordinary lighting, because it bothers my eyes.

All in all, I am so glad I have these lights, and I will never go back to the kind I had before. Please don’t ever stop selling them, because I can’t get them anywhere else, and I don’t want to have to do without my SunLife bulbs.

A satisfied customer, Mary-Ann Combe


My quest for new lighting began with the realization that I was straining my eyes quite often, and almost felt like the light I previously had in my home was creating a blurriness in my eyes. I always had great vision, so I began my quest for good lighting.

Not knowing anything about lighting, I came across Aviva Sunlife full spectrum bulbs. I was intrigued at the idea that the light bulb could purify the air in the space. So I decided to buy a few to test them out. I instantly loved the way my eyes felt and the clarity I began to have almost instantly. Eager to fill the entire home, I continued to purchase more and more. The space has become so bright. I can see the colours of everything in my house so much more clearly, and there seems to be a fresh feeling in the air. I love ... love ... love the way I feel with these bulbs in my home and I am so grateful for them. Now I am so much more aware of the importance of good lighting, not to mention it will cut down the costs of my electric bill. More importantly, is the clarity I have back in my eyes. So thank you Aviva for creating such a good product.

- Beth Geronikos

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