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front view of Flexible Silicone Toe Spreaders in use
Flexible Silicone Toe Spreaders
top and bottom view of Flexible Silicone Toe Spreaders in use
stretching a Flexible Silicone Toe Spreader to elongate the middle 3 holes

Flexible Silicone Toe Spreaders

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Info: Pair of Stretchable 5-Hole Bands to Separate, Strengthen, and Straighten Out Toes

If you're troubled by crooked, overlapping, bent, or 'hammer' toes; bunions (Hallux valgus); fallen arches; or a poor gait even when walking barefoot, chances are, your footwear has been crimping your toes together. By spreading the toes out, this clever therapy accessory can help improve foot health by gradually restoring your toes to their natural shape.

Product Notes:

Recommended by podiatrists: Made of a soft, rubbery, latex-free silicone, this simple device can help undo and correct a lot of the damage we unwittingly do to our feet. Regular use of toe spacers can help strengthen your feet, and may help you improve mobility and normalize your gait.

Great for those who frequently wear dress shoes, joggers, or anyone with foot heath concerns, these strong, flexible bands are one size fits all. They're 7.3 cm (3 inches) across at their opening to begin with (with oval shaped separators between each toe opening, ranging in length between 2 and 2.8 cm), but they can stretch to at least four times that width, to comfortably fit any adult or youth.

As suggested in this video, it's best to begin by wearing toe spreaders for about a half hour a day, then build up to wearing them as long as overnight.

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Care Instructions:

Wash with warm water, and let dry naturally (air dry).