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Ultravib - Sound Therapy Compact Discs
Ultravib - Sound Therapy Compact Discs

Ultravib - Sound Therapy Compact Discs

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Info: Compact Discs to Induce Cognitive Change

Info: Compact Discs to Induce Cognitive Change

Use Ultravib's incredible technology to change your mood and subliminal thought patterns for a better and more fulfilling life! Each of Ultravib's exciting products is specially designed to stimulate a specific area of your brain, and to affect thereby the moods and thoughts related to that area. Use different Compact Disc recordings to target different areas of your life/brain, or use them all for the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible through high-frequency vibration treatment!

Product Notes:

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Diminish Symptoms: Premenstrual and Menopausal

Stress, poor diet or exercise, and faulty thinking can influence the hormonal system and lead to very uncomfortable symptoms. The audible neuro-programming and frequency vibrations on this discs are designed to produce cerebral states to facilitate personal changes to diminish those symptoms.

Gratitude and Harmony

Thanklessness and disharmony not only affect those around us negatively, but also affect our very selves; being ungrateful is a huge waste of time and energy! Rediscover this time, energy, and the beauty of harmonious relationships with Ultravib's Gratitude and Harmony CD, designed to reconnect you with the world around you.

Improve Learning

Too often, stress and negative thinking unsettle our minds and distract us from the focus and memory retention we need for learning. Calming our minds and dealing with negativity can help restore concentration and mental absorption of knowledge. Ultravib's Improve Learning is designed to do just that! Targeting particular areas of the brain, its purpose is to decrease negative thinking and reduce stress, thereby putting you in your best state of mind for studying and thinking.

Increase Concentration

We live in a world of distractions, and concentration takes energy. And for those of us who find concentration difficult, the task of staying focused can feel exhausting and impossible. Addressing this problem, Ultravib's Increase Concentration is designed to relax the mind, soothe the nervous tension that fosters distraction, and thereby release us from the anxiety that so often causes us to lose focus.

Increase Motivation

The loss of motivation can diminish many parts of our life, impede our performance and achievements, and lead to more dissatisfaction and frustration. This CD is designed to produce brain waves which will help transform negative beliefs and create more visualizations, intuitions, and feelings of trust to enable personal change.

Natural Health

When we think of physical health, we often forget that the brain is as important to physical health as the rest of the body, and needs just as much care and attention for the maintenance of good health. Ultravib's Natural Health soundtrack is designed to do just that by triggering the cellular memory of health, and thereby improving the function of processes central to body maintenance and recovery, including cellular regeneration and the immune system.

Suggested Usage:

Play and listen to CD at least once a day, for a minimum of 30 days. It's recommended that you play them during your sleep for optimal results, but you can also listen to one while commuting, or as background music while reading, watching TV, or any other activity. You don't need to pay attention; the vibrations of the messages inside the music will work for you. For more information, please read the booklet included with each CD.

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Diminish Symptoms: Premenstrual and Menopausal - $39.99 - UPC: 7502242460411
Gratitude and Harmony - $39.99 - UPC: 7502242460268
Improve Learning - $39.99 - UPC: 7502242460299
Increase Concentration - $39.99 - UPC: 7502242460398
Increase Motivation - $39.99 - UPC: 7502242460428
Natural Health - $39.99 - UPC: 7502242460251