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Universal Stone applicator sponges
3-Pack of rectangular Universal Stone Sponges
Two individual Dual Sponges

Universal Stone - Cleaning Sponges

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Info: Several Options Available

Info: Several Options Available

Sponges are most well-known for being able to absorb and wipe up liquids or spills, but most kinds aren't really tough enough to get the job done or to hold up when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of really having to scrub and clean something. These types are ideal for cleaning and polishing, particularly with pastes or cleaning products like Universal Stone's own eco-friendly cleaner. In fact, the rectangular ones were fabricated especially as applicator sponges for that product, to absorb the correct amount of the cleaning compound for optimal results, but they would also work well with other cleaners, as well.

Product Notes:

The rectangular sponges, which are slightly larger than a large bar of soap,* are ideal for cleaning, particularly with products like Universal Stone's own eco-friendly cleaner. They're dense, so you can transmit a fair bit of pressure for a really good scrubbing; they're durable, so will stand up to plenty of use; they have fairly large netting with plenty of surfaces to grab hold of the oils or dirts to be removed, but they're non-abrasive; and they're easy to clean themselves, after they've done their work.

* The rectangular sponges are nearly 4 inches long, 2-1/4 inches across, and an inch and a half deep, when dry.

Four-pack of Dual Sponges

The new puck-sized (except 1/3rd thicker) Dual Sponges are even more versatile: featuring both a coarser, super strong sponge in its green bottom two-thirds for the initial heavy-duty cleaning with creams or pastes (e.g. it is quite effective at creating a rich, creamy foam with the Universal Stone cleaner), and a finer, softer, and more absorbent layer on top to apply liquid cleaners, or to soak up liquids for the final wipes, or to use on more delicate surfaces.

These sponges are unique in having both a super durable Ultra Strong side for all tough jobs, as well as an Ultra Soft side (the white part) for cleaning delicate surfaces. You can use these round sponges for cleaning or polishing a wide variety of items throughout the home or garage: metals; cars, boats, bikes, or other vehicles; bathrooms or kitchens; smooth or delicate surfaces such as jewellery, precious metals, or glassware; or even fabrics like sneakers.

Both types of sponges are made in Germany; they don't tear apart; and they don't hold any moisture smells.

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Pack of 3 Rectangular Sponges - $4.99 - UPC: 793573646132
4-Pack of Round Dual Sponges - $16.99 - UPC: 680569850249