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Urban Rebounder - GYM Rebounder

Urban Rebounder - GYM Rebounder

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Rebounding and sprinting on a mini trampoline can help you burn calories, lose weight, strengthen your legs, and get a great cardiovascular workout that's far easier on your joints than high-impact activities like jogging or step aerobics. You can also integrate one into a variety of exercise routines, including squats, lunges, push-ups (it's easier on the wrists!), dips, crunches, yoga, and pilates. The Urban Rebounder Gym unit differs from the standard folding home Urban Rebounder frequently featured on TV. This commercial-quality GYM Urban Rebounder is a non-folding unit, the same one sold to 3000+ fitness centers like Bally Total Fitness and Gold's Gym which featured the Urban Rebounding group fitness program.

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Recommended Workout Videos

To make the best use of your GYM Urban Rebounder, we recommend all users purchase the Urban Rebounder workout video set, five DVDs containing nearly 20 hours of varied workout routines. (Included with purchase for free.)

GYM Urban Rebounder Difference

Please note this is the Gym model of the Urban Rebounder, not the standard Urban Folding Rebounder frequently featured in TV spots and sold in traditional fitness stores. This model is specifically made for the gym environment and designed for continual use. Heavier and sturdier, this non-folding Gym Urban Rebounder has a higher quality mat, and contains more and heavier springs than the regular Urban Rebounder. Aviva is your exclusive outlet for the commercial-quality Gym Urban Rebounder in Canada.

• The Gym/Personal Trainer Urban Rebounder weighs 6 more pounds than the standard home urban rebounder because of heavier steel tubing
• The Gym Urban Rebounder is not a folding unit, unlike the standard home Urban Rebounder featured on TV infomercials, which is a quarter-fold unit
• The Gym Urban Rebounder legs fold for easy storage
• The Gym Urban Rebounder uses stronger springs
• The Gym Urban Rebounder uses stronger pins that connect into the springs
• The Gym Urban Rebounder unit uses 36 springs compared to 32 spring in the standard Urban Rebounder
• The Gym Urban Rebounder has a stronger mat (1000 stitches) with more stitches
• The Gym Urban Rebounder has stronger rubber tips

Rebounder Specs

The Gym Urban Rebounder weighs 35 pounds (shipping weight; 6 pounds heavier than the infomercial unit) and can withstand a larger/heavier load verses the infomercial unit. The springs are larger and the high yield steel tubing is thicker, the legs are wider and the mat diameter is larger, allowing for more service space to urban rebound.

• Frame: Heavy-grade, all steel, round frame - Weight: 35 pounds (shipping weight) - Diameter: 40"
• Mat material: The mat material is the same quality of the trade name PERMATRON but less slippery when wet from sweat. and is designed to provide a resilient bounce. The material is resistant to ultraviolet rays, doesn't break down like other fabrics, and helps prevent moisture absorption.
• Stitches: To assure strength and resilience, the mat is sewn together using high-grade nylon thread with two layers of strong polypropylene webbing stitched around the mat's edge.
• Springs: To assure a soft bounce, the springs on the GYM URBAN REBOUNDER are cylinder-like in design, with individual spring mounting pins to help prevent frame wear. Unlike other rebounders in which springs are hooked to the frame (which can lead to breakage), the pins on the GYM URBAN REBOUNDER are riveted through the frame, resulting in the strongest, most durable rebounder available.

Bonus: This last model includes an extra set of springs, for free.
• Skirt: The GYM URBAN REBOUNDER protective cover is narrower than most rebounders, allowing more surface space on which to exercise.
• Legs: Legs are securely held in place by inner spring legs.
• Rubber Tips: The GYM URBAN REBOUNDER uses rubber tips to help prevent scratching on the floor. The GYM URBAN REBOUNDER can be used on a wood floor or carpet.

The Gym Urban Rebounder is unlike any rebounder made. It is specifically made for the gym environment and designed for continual use. The Gym Urban Rebounder weighs over 30 pounds and is made of high yield steel. The mat material is the same quality of the trade name PERMATRON but less slippery when wet from sweat . There are over 1000 stitches in the mat and the weight capacity is 300 pounds. The skirt is pulled back several inches from the mat to allow for more surface space to Urban Rebound. The legs are securely held in by inner spring legs, that will not break like other competitors. The springs are jumbo tapered and are supported by steel pins.

There are other mini trampolines that try to mimic the Gym Urban Rebounder but do not use the heavy duty steel nor compressed steel in the our pins, which support the springs. Many of the strength benefits of the Gym Urban Rebounder can not be seen with the eye alone. The Gym Urban Rebounder is the only rebounder endorsed and used by over 3000 gyms worldwide that have Urban Rebounding Programs.

Just a quick note to let you know I am highly satisfied with my purchase of the Urban Rebounder Gym version. You guys handled the international forwarding and shipping like true professionals and kept in touch with me until my rebounder arrived. It arrived and pretty much looks just like the picture, it has a durable and sturdy construction, which I need because I use it daily. I will be recommending you to others. Many Thanks! -- R. Becker


Urban Rebounder advertisements feature different models. This is not an elevating or folding home edition model. This is the commercial-quality non-folding Gym rebounder. This unit does not include a stabilizing bar.