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VIP Eye Shades in package
VIP Eye Shades

VIP Eye Shades with Ear Plugs

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Info: Set of Eyes Shades, with a pair of Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs with the VIP Eye Shades

For deep sleep or relaxation…anywhere, anytime. The VIP Eye Shades kit helps shut out light and noise for undisturbed sleep, whether at home or while traveling. 

Product Notes:

Premium Quality, with super soft Space Foam for Ultimate Comfort. These unique Eye Shades feature an adjustable elastic band strap with a Velcro fastener, and somewhat of a wraparound design, to prevent its movement when sleeping on your side. Also comes complete with 1-inch long sound-reducing ear plugs made of squishy foam.

The Importance of Eye Shades in Producing Melatonin

A note from Nathan Zassman

Published studies have shown a link between lower rates of various cancers (breast, prostate, ovarian) and higher levels of melatonin. One of the easiest and most effective methods of increasing natural melatonin production is to wear eye shades, to ensure no ambient light enters the eye while sleeping.

By combining a light shielding eye shade with sufficient levels of vitamin B3, B6 (using pyridoxal-5 phosphate), vitamin B12 (oral methyl, hydroxy, or dibencozide) and natural sources of L-tryptophan (Zenbev is recommended), you will ensure you have given the body the nutrients required to achieve deep, continuous sleep.

More: Read The Blue Light Switch for Improved Sleep.

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