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Wobenzym N

Wobenzym N

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Info: Enteric-Coated Tablets - Various Sizes

Wobenzym N is designed to help support general joint, muscle and tendon health, as well as a well-balanced immune system. Positive reports from over 100 million users and ingredients backed by decades of clinical research make this enzymatic joint, tendon and muscle support supplement a trustworthy investment. 

Info: Enteric-Coated Tablets - Various Sizes

Wobenzym N is designed to help support general joint, muscle and tendon health, as well as a well-balanced immune system. Positive reports from over 100 million users and ingredients backed by decades of clinical research make this enzymatic joint, tendon and muscle support supplement a trustworthy investment. 

Product Notes:

A great step towards better health and the alleviation of pain and inflammation, this amazing formula contains ingredients backed by solid clinical research and consistent testimonials. Wobenzym is an amazing natural product that is changing lives around the world.

Wobenzym is also available in two stronger versions (Wobenzym PS and Wobenzym Plus) but some find the smaller sized tablets in this Classic Wobenzym N formula easier to swallow.

Wobenzym N tablets are protected by an enteric-coated shell, which ensures optimum absorption and utilization. This product's precise enzyme formulation assists the body's maintenance and support of the healthy immune system.

Long History of Successful Use

Available in Germany for over 25 years, Wobenzym from Mucos Pharma has had a long history of success and is commonly recommended by German physicians. The ingredients in Wobenzym have separately in studies been found to help:

* Relieve the symptoms of gastrointestinal distress such as fullness, bloating, pain and cramping that frequently occur after eating.
* When given to those with sprained ankles, there was less swelling, reduced pain, increased joint mobility and a quicker recovery.
* When given preceding and following surgical treatment of fractures, there was significant reduction in post-op swelling, pain and the length of hospital stay.
* When taken with meals, improved digestion and reduction in food sensitivities.
* When taken over a period of months, Wobenzym may help decrease general overall tendency to food sensitivities.
* May be useful with pancreatic insufficiencies and malabsorption syndrome.

What is a Wobenzym N?

Wobenzym N was designed by Dr. Max Wolf using a sophisticated combination of the natural plant based enzymes bromelain (pineapple) and papain (papaya), natural pancreatic enzymes and the antioxidant flavonoid rutin. Every tablet of Wobenzym N is protected by an enteric-coated shell, ensuring that the enzymes survive the acidic environment of your stomach to reach the small intestine where they can be fully absorbed and utilized. Wobenzym N's precise formulation helps to assist your body's immune system health.Wobenzym N Supplement Facts

The Benefits of Wobenzym N

Taken as directed, Wobenzym N will help to assist a number of your body's key systems. This natural product helps to support your musculoskeletal system by promoting health and mobility in joints and muscles. Wobenzym works to cleanse the bloodstream, stimulating your circulatory system and promoting vein health and blood flow. The enzymes found in this product also help to support the respiratory system and sinus health.

Systemic Enzyme Support

Developed with a sophisticated combination of plant-based enzymes, Wobenzym N works to deliver these enzymes that assist your body's various regulatory and communication systems.

Enzyme Effectiveness

Specific enzymes used in a systemic enzyme formulation have effects on different functions in the body. In order to maximize the effect, it is necessary to use a combination of plant-based enzymes (including bromelain and papain) along with animal-based enzymes (including trypsin and chymostrypsin).

Wobenzym N is available in 100, 200, 400 and 800 Tablets. Latest product labels may look slightly different than shown.

Health Canada Natural Product Number: 80037521.

Video Transcription (from above)

We will open a new and important chapter in the history of Mucos Pharma, Germany. Introducing Wobenzym N from the new North American division of the German company Mucos Pharma. The following provides an overview of the science behind how our product Wobenzym N works.

The body's healthy immune response plays a critical role in supporting the healthy functioning of numerous systems and processes. There are important messenger substances called cytokines that are extensively involved in cellular communication. The cytokines help to maintain a balanced immune response by the body. A healthy immune response depends on a balanced production of cytokines.

The body produces numerous types of cytokines, which work in different ways to support a healthy immune system. Maintaining healthy levels of certain cytokines, such as EL-10 and/or EL-4, is important because these cytokines support optimal health and tissue function.

Maintaining a balance of different kinds of cytokines is important. Systemic enzymes can play an important role in maintaining a healthy cytokine balance.

Wobenzym N contains pure active enzymes from both animal and plant sources. These enzymes help to support the body's normal immune response.

Wobenzym N is available in tablet form. These tablets are enteric coated so that they can withstand the acid environment in the stomach. Since enzymes can be damaged by the acidic environment of the stomach, the enteric coating allows the tablet to pass through the stomach and into the intestine without exposing the enzymes to the stomach environment.

Once in the intestine, the tablet can dissolve and release the enzymes where they can be effectively absorbed. The enzymes are absorbed via the mucosal membrane of the intestine. This process is most effective if the tablets are not taken with meals.

Once enzymes are absorbed, they are able to bind with proteins known as Alpha-2-macroglobulin, A2M. After the enzymes bind with this Alpha-2-macroglobulin, a change in the configuration of A2M takes place. In this transformed state, the A2M molecule now has the ability to bind certain cytokines.

Since cytokines can be involved in the body's normal response to stimuli, the binding to and removal of cytokines by A2M can help to support a balanced and properly functioning immune system.

Wobenzym N is a dietary supplement that contains a unique combination of enzymes and is well suited to support a broad spectrum of function within the body. Wobenzym N can help support a balanced immune system as well as joint health and mobility. Wobenzym N has also been used for many years in the relief of minor muscular pain following exercises and other repetitive motion.

The German division has over forty years of experience in enzyme therapy and a high level of trust among health care professionals as well as pharmacists and patients. Systemic enzyme support has been used as a natural approach for successful support in the immune system.

Due to corporate ownership agreements in different regions, Wobenzym N is marketed by a number of different brands around the world including Mucos Pharma, Douglas Laboratories, Garden of Life and Trophic (companies either owned by or partners with Atrium Innovations).

Wobenzym N Ingredients:

Per Tablet:

45 mg Bromelain (from pineapple [Ananas comosus var. comosus] stem) (1,687,500 FCC PU)
60 mg Papain (from papaya [Carica papaya] fruit) (1,640,000 FCC PU)
24 mg Trypsin (from porcine [Sus scrofa] or bovine [Bos taurus] pancreas) (57,600 USP Trypsin Units)
1 mg Chymotrypsin (from bovine [Bos taurus] pancreas) (1,287 USP Chymotrypsin Units)
100 mg Pancreatic enzymes (from porcine [Sus scrofa] pancreas) (18,700 USP units Protease, 18,675 USP units Amylase, 4,000 USP units Lipase)
50 mg Rutoside trihydrate (from Styphnolobium japonicum flower bud)

Non-medicinal ingredients: Cellulose, Hyprolose, Ethylcellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Sodium Alginate, Medium-chain Triglycerides, Oleic Acid, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Stearic Acid.

Suggested Usage:

For the pain associated with arthritis: Take 3 tablets 4 times daily on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes prior to your next meal or at least 2 hours after your last meal. Swallow whole -- do not chew or crush.

Consult a healthcare professional for prolonged use beyond 1 year.

For recuperating from an injury or surgery: Start as soon as possible after injury occurs. Take 2 to 8 tablets 3 to 5 times daily depending upon severity of the injury, on an empty stomach with water or juice. Continue for 1 week or until symptoms are resolved.


Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are sensitive to pancreatic enzymes or sensitive to pork proteins. Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to using Wobenzym N if you have a gastrointestinal lesion/ulcer; or if you are taking an anticoagulant/blood thinner, anti-inflammatory or antibiotic, or other enzyme products; or if you are having surgery; or if you if you have an allergy to latex or fruits (such as avocado, banana, chestnut, passion fruit, fig, melon, mango, kiwi, pineapple, peach, and tomato); or if you have pancreatitis, pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, diabetes or cystic fibrosis. If symptoms persist or worsen, discontinue use of Wobenzyme and consult a health care practitioner. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain/epigastric pain and/or heartburn and diarrhoea have been known to occur, in which case discontinue use. Hypersensitivity/allergy has been known to occur; in which case, discontinue use.

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