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Blue Yoga Mat Antislip Towel in plastic wrapping
Blue Yoga Mat Antislip Towel out of plastic wrapping
Purple Relaxus Yoga Mat Towel
all 4 colours of the Relaxus Yoga Mat Towel

Relaxus - Yoga Mat Antislip Towel

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Info: 24 x 72 inches (61 x 183 cm); Several Colours

Slipping on sweat and tired of getting unbalanced due to an uneven towel? Focus on form and forget about adjusting your towel with the Yoga Mat Antislip Towel from Relaxus. Superiorly absorbent microfibre material features small rubber dots set in a flower-like pattern on one side to keep the towel in place on your yoga mat. Available in either light pink, purple or blue.


Microfibre material, rubber.

Suggested Usage:

Hand or machine wash in cool water. Use non-chlorine bleach if desired, but DO NOT use fabric softener. Can be dried in a dryer.

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Blue - $26.99 - UPC: 628949093558
Pink/Rose - $26.99 - UPC: 628949093572