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Zyliss - Kitchen Utensils

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Several Types of Kitchen Gadgets Available

Zyliss is a Swiss-based company that's been designing and producing kitchen tools for the past 70 years. You can choose here between a number of standbys you're apt to use at least once a week and some you might only use for those big summer barbecues.

Several Types of Kitchen Gadgets Available

Zyliss is a Swiss-based company that's been designing and producing kitchen tools for the past 70 years. You can choose here between a number of standbys you're apt to use at least once a week and some you might only use for those big summer barbecues.

Product Notes:

Cook N Serve Tongs

The silicone-tipped Cook N Serve Tongs with 12-inch long metal handles by Zyliss are a clever choice for several types of kitchen or outdoor cooking or serving tasks. It not only makes a superior tool for turning food in pans or on grills, but also an easy to use serving tool that's safe on any cooking surface. Its features include slanted silicone tips that offer superior grip and scratch-free performance on any cooking surface; a sturdy design (the tongs themselves are made of metal); an ergonomic handle, which not only has ridges to keep your thumb and index finger in place for a surer grip, but also insulates your hand from heat (if you immerse the tongs in boiling water to fish out corn cobs, e.g.); a very wide grip (it opens up to 5.5 inches fully extended); a locking feature (just squeeze the handles together and engage the lock) to keep its storage width to just 1-3/4 inches; and a hanging loop, so you can hang it within easy reach on your wall, barbecue, or cabinet door.

Zyliss Citrus/Kiwi Tool

Kiwi fruit make for a nutritious and refreshing alternative snack or addition to desserts fruit salads, but they're notoriously difficult to peel. With this specialized double-ended peeler, you can swiftly peel almost any fruit desired (short of watermelons!) -- including kiwi. It features a sharp hook for piercing fruit rinds and skins, as well as both a serrated edge and a curved end which is particularly effective at easily dismantling the thinner skinned and soft-fleshed kiwi fruit.

Zyliss Strainer

Cooking shouldn't be a strain - even if you're doing it by yourself. The Zyliss Strainer makes it easier to strain variety of liquids or foods by incorporating hanging hooks on either side of the coarse stainless steel basket and having long contoured handles, so that in many cases you can suspend the strainer over the sink, pot, bowl or other container you're pouring into in order to be able to hold whatever you're pouring with both your other hands, if need be. Its bowl is over 2 inches deep, and between 2 and over 5 inches in diameter, with 2 mm wide openings in the screen, making it ideal for rinsing fruit or vegetables like strawberries, cherry tomatoes or small potatoes; or slightly larger dried beans or grains; or for straining soups or gravy. It's dishwasher safe, and has hanging hooks on the end of its handles.

Corn Cob Holders

Of course, one the things you might be using those tongs for is to cook and dress corn-on-the-cob, but as you know, it can be a bit of a hot and messy affair when we go on to eat those. These innovative Interlocking Corn Cob Holders by Zyliss not only fulfill their primary function excellently - inserting into the sides of freshly cooked corn cobs so you can hold them to eat the cobs after they're slathered in butter without scalding your fingers or getting them greasy - but they're also designed to store safely and compactly. Each holder has holes to admit the pins of their companion, so you can easily keep each set of holders paired together in a drawer and prevent the sharp pins from stabbing your fingers. The pins themselves are made of stainless steel, and their holders are plastic; they're dishwasher safe. You get four pairs (one for each end) in each set; the colours include: blue, green, red, and yellow, as shown. (Please note, the solid coloured yellow ones in the "In Use" photo are slightly different; ours are translucent.) Of course, you may have seen smaller versions of this type of thing in the bargain stores, but these ones are much larger (the handles are about two inches long, and the spikes protrude a whole inch) and of superior quality.

Zyliss Safety Can Opener

Finally, you can't get a much more useful kitchen tool than a can opener (just try to get along without one without making a hash of it), but the one you have might not be doing you or your family any favours. The main trouble with most can openers, both manual and electric, is they leave very sharp edges on the lids which can cut you on when you remove them from the can or opener, or go to dispose of them. Other peeves are that they often don't completely finish the job the first time, or even worse, they end up letting the lid fall right into the can, transferring any dust on it into the contents, and resulting in lost product or a mess. But not the Zyliss Safety Can Opener: it opens from the top, not the sides, and has a secondary gripper function to detach the severed lid and hold in until you open up the handles again, to drop it directly into your waste or recycle bin. The rubberized handles give you a firm, comfortable, non-slip grip, and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. This device is guaranteed by the company for 5 years.

Suggested Usage:

Zyliss Citrus/Kiwi Tool: Just use the serrated edge for cutting the kiwi in half, then use the curved end to neatly scoop out the kiwifruit. The sharp hook can pierce fruit rinds, helping to lift the edge of the peel for easy peeling.

Interlocking Corn Cob Holders: Insert stainless steel pins into cooked corn cobs when ready to serve and eat. Rinse in warm soapy water to clean. Thoroughly dry and ensure pins are lined up with holes on opposite holder, push together for storage.

Zyliss Safety Can Opener in use

Zyliss Safety Can Opener:

The Zyliss Safety Can Opener opens all the way from the top, not the side (the cutting wheel pierces the side at the seal where the lid and can meet), which does not result in sharp edges, and you do not even have to touch the opened lid with your fingers. The directions for its use are illustrated in one of the product photos; these are its 5 Steps:

1) Open handles in direction of arrow and position can opener at the edge of the can top.

2) Place cutting wheel against can rim.

3) Apply downward pressure and close handles to grip lid. Turn clockwise until can moves one full rotation.

4) To release can, open handles.

5) To remove the lid from the can, clasp it between the round metal "lid grippers." Close handles to grip lid, and lift with a slight twist. Then open the grippers to release.

Product Options:
Cook N Serve Tongs (Silver Handles with Red Trim) - $24.99 - UPC: 054067124605
14 cm (5.5") Diameter Strainer (Yellow) - $18.99 - UPC: 054067800073
Safety Can Opener (Green) - $24.99 - UPC: 054067300153
Interlocking Corn Holders (4 pairs) - $7.99 - UPC: 054067718880
Citrus/Kiwi Tool - $4.99 - UPC: 054067128559