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Explore the Health Benefits of L-Lysine

B.E. Conrad

L-Lysine may be just one of the 300+ amino acids in the natural world, but it is one of the most promising in terms of potential health benefits. One of only twenty amino acids that act as the building blocks for the proteins that encode DNA, L-Lysine has shown promise in a number of different areas, from keeping dangerous viruses at bay to helping the body absorb nutrients more efficiently. While much work remains to be done, the early studies involving L-Lysine as a dietary supplement seem quite promising.

Holding Back Herpes

Herpes simplex is one of the most common viruses in the world, and one of the most troublesome. Some studies have shown that L-Lysine taken as a dietary supplement has the power to hold the herpes virus in check and lessen the symptoms of an outbreak. There is reason to believe that taking L-Lysine regularly can reduce the number of outbreaks of the herpes simplex virus. This includes both manifestations of this common virus - the oral one that causes cold sores and the version that causes genital outbreaks.

Making Calcium More Effective

Many people take calcium supplements to combat the bone loss that often accompanies aging. Increasing dietary calcium can be effective, but taking calcium supplements can be counterproductive for some people if portions of the mineral go unabsorbed. When the calcium in dietary supplements is not properly absorbed, it can remain in the bloodstream. Excess calcium in the blood can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke, not exactly a healthy outcome.

There is reason to believe that L-Lysine makes calcium more available to the body, helping the mineral get absorbed into the body more effectively. Studies have also shown that it helps to stimulate the bone-building mechanisms in the body, making both dietary calcium and calcium supplements even more effective.

Reduced Anxiety - Greater Well Being

Several population studies have found an association between L-Lysine deficiencies in the local food supply and a number of physical and psychological problems. Some of those issues, like lower immunity levels, could be attributed to protein deficiency. But other issues seem more closely related to L-Lysine deficiency in particular. Some researchers have found a link between low levels in the diet and high levels of stress and anxiety. That has led to speculation that increasing L-Lysine levels might potentially help combat stress, anxiety and related disorders naturally. While it is still too early to call it a cure for anxiety, the early research does seem very promising.

If you feel that an L-Lysine supplement might be beneficial, you should discuss the issue with your health professional who can help you sort out the current literature and find the best combination of dietary changes and L-Lysine supplementation.

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