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Natural Treatment for Broken Bones and Osteoporosis

Help Heal Broken Bones Naturally

This 16-step program has helped many of my clients with broken bones heal very quickly, and is also a fabulous solution for those interested in a natural supplement program for osteoporosis, although the effective treatment for osteoporosis also includes an exercise program, as weight bearing exercise is critical to building bone mineral density.

For those reading this with recently broken bones, doctors have marveled at how quickly broken bones have healed. There may also be other benefits from this program, including more energy, improved sleep, stress relief, younger looking skin, improved blood sugar levels, and an increase in muscle mass, especially if all the steps are taken.

While a bone building supplement (not just calcium) is vital to this program, there are other important supporting nutrients that can assist the bone building process. If you want to scale down this program, choose the first 12 steps. If you can eat three cans of sardines each day, you can eliminate steps 2, 3, and 4. While sardines might not be everyone’s favourite, they may be the world’s healthiest food, and can be great with lemon juice, or added to salads. Always choose sardines packed with water. If you enjoy beer, I recommend two beers a day (dark IPAs made with barley are best), which provides orthosilicic acid, the same form of silica found in Biosil.

Dietary Supplements for Nutritional Support (in consultation with your healthcare provider)

Douglas Laboratories Ultra Preventive X: Our best vitamin mineral supplement, with 500 mg of elemental calcium and magnesium in the daily dose of 8 tablets. This is foundational, and critical to good health. While 8 tablets per day may seem like a high dosage, due to the broad range of nutrients in this supplement, this is required. Take 3 tablets in the morning, 3 with lunch, and 2 with dinner. Can be taken with or without food.

3 Grams Omega 3 per day (including 2 grams EPA, 1 gram DHA): Aviva High Potency Wild Omega 3, three capsules per day is recommended. (or three cans of sardines, packed in water, per day).

Pure-Le Natural Easy Bones powder: Take a half teaspoon, four times a day, mixed in water (or three cans of sardines each day). Note this is double the normal recommended dosage, but a critical part of this solution.

Protein Supplement: Choose from either vegetarian or whey protein that provides a total of 50-60g per day of protein. Add to shakes or smoothies. Choose sprouted or fermented protein like KOOA or Genuine Health if you’re looking for a vegetarian product (alternatively, eat three cans of sardines per day).

Strontium Support: Two capsules per day. One capsule one hour before breakfast and one capsule three hours after the last meal of the day.

Magnesium Threonate (Magtein): The most advanced form of magnesium, critical for building bone mineral density. Take Magnesium Threonate two hours before or after other supplements containing minerals (calcium/strontium, etc.), 1 capsule, 3x per day.

Douglas Laboratories Collagen Forte: Vitamin C, Proline and Lysine. Three capsules, 3x a day, with or without food.

Vitamin D3 (12,000 IU per day): Four 1000iu capsules, 3X per day (12 capsules per day)

Douglas Laboratories Vitamin K2 (MK-7): Two capsules per day.

Silica: Three capsules of Biosil by Preferred Nutrition per day (1 with each meal). Silica is a collagen trigger, helping the body (along with Vitamin C, proline and lysine) to build collagen, critical to building new bone.

Collagen Hydrolysate: Two tablespoons dissolved in water, 3X per day

Living Alchemy Regenesis Probiotic: 2 capsules per day. For optimum absorption of calcium, good gut flora is critical.

Curcumin: Derived from the turmeric spice, with proven anti-inflammatory, bone building, cognitive, pain relieving and cardiovascular benefits. Choose one of the bioavailable forms, including CirQfen, Meriva, BCM-95, or Longvida.

Ashwagandha: Elevated cortisol levels are associated with a loss of bone mineral density. Ashwagandha not only helps lower cortisol, it also contains withaferin A, which helps build bone mineral density - One capsule 3x per day.

Berberine, 500mg, 3x a day: The best natural product for controlling blood sugar (superior to Metformin), berberine stimulates osteoblasts to build bone mineral density by reducing bone resorption and increasing bone formation.

Pycnogenol Pine Bark Extract: 50 mg, 3x per day. One of the most effective anti-inflammatory herbs, Pycnogenol lowers glucose levels (improves diabetic symptoms), boosts nitric oxide levels (improves circulation/decreases erectile dysfunction), and reduces hearing loss and tinnitus symptoms. Studies confirm Pycnogenol prevents bone loss and helps build bone density.

Health Disclaimer. Copyright ©2017. Nathan Zassman is a trained nutrition practitioner and the owner of Aviva Natural Health Solutions.