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Black Rice Bran May Help Allergies and Asthma

Dr. Kristie Leong

Asthma and allergies are two health problems that many Americans wrestle with. The change in seasons, temperature fluctuations, and humidity play a role in asthma and allergy symptoms - but so does what you eat. Now, a new study shows that eating black rice bran can reduce inflammation naturally - and ease the annoying symptoms of allergy and asthma so many people experience.

Black Rice Bran: Can It Reduce Inflammation Naturally?

When researchers gave mice injections of black rice extract, it helped to reduce inflammation in these rodents that were suffering from skin irritation due to allergic contact dermatitis. In fact, mice that got the black rice extract had more than 30% less allergic skin irritation than mice that received a placebo. Even when they gave mice a diet consisting of 10% black rice bran, they had less allergic skin irritation. Even more compelling - they had less histamine in their blood stream, a chemical that triggers the inflammatory response and causes many of the symptoms of allergy.

What is Black Rice Bran?

Not surprisingly, black rice bran comes from black rice. It's far more nutritious than white rice and has more health benefits than even brown rice. Its black color comes from the many anthocyanins it contains, which make it an excellent source of anti-oxidants - on par with blueberries and blackberries. It's also chock full of fibre and vitamin E, which are important for a healthy heart. Black rice bran has recently made headlines because of its high levels of anti-oxidants.

Black Rice Bran for Allergies and Asthma: The Bottom Line?

Even though black rice bran has benefits for mice suffering from allergy-related problems, this doesn't necessarily translate into human benefits. Therefore more research is needed before black rice bran gains status as an anti-allergy food. On the other hand, black rice bran is a good source of anti-oxidants, fiber and vitamin E. What's not to love about that?

Whether or not you have asthma and allergies, black rice bran is a good way to get more anti-oxidants - and, maybe, silence those pesky allergies.

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