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Fermented Foods – The Health Benefits

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods undergo transformative actions by microorganisms (whether yeasts, bacteria, or molds, sometimes in combination with an enzyme, and often in the absence of oxygen). This process breaks down their carbohydrate or sugar components into either acetic or lactic acid or ethyl alcohol, and emitting carbon dioxide.

In addition to preserving raw foods and drinks, fermentation protects foods (and us) from harmful bacteria, and changes their flavour, aroma and texture. Many of us want to broaden our diets and look to consume these foods more regularly, as fermented products can have numerous health benefits:

Increased Digestibility

Especially for foods many have difficulty with like soy or milk, by ‘pre-digesting’ some components (by breaking down lactose and converting some proteins into their amino acid constituents).

Natural Detoxification

Fermentation can break down and eliminate some toxic components that are naturally present in the foods we eat, preventing our livers from having to process as much. Ingesting fermented foods or drinks daily can help us digest and detoxify all the types of foods we eat.


Fermentation can make more nutrients available to us, not only by releasing minerals which would be otherwise be inaccessible if that microbial process hadn’t broken down some tougher cell walls first, but also by producing greater quantities of vitamins than those foods would have otherwise. This is especially the case with B vitamins, and vitamin K2, which is only produced through fermentation. Fermentation can help generate other micronutrients that might not otherwise be available (some of which may have antioxidant or even cancer-fighting properties).


If they still contain live cultures, fermented foods and drinks can also often good sources of natural probiotics, which have many documented health benefits, including:

- improving digestive processes and the ongoing absorption of nutrients;

- possibly reducing risk of food poisoning, staving off intestinal parasites, and helping control Candida infections;

- supporting urinary tract health and discouraging urinary tract infections (UTIs);

- improving overall immune function (which can help fight invading viruses and pathogens and reduce the risk of colds and flu);

- possibly improving allergies, cardiovascular health, inflammatory conditions, skin conditions, and weight management; and even,

- improving mood, or lowering social anxiety, by boosting serotonin production.

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