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kybun Reviews – How kybun Shoes Can Help Common Conditions

Video Testimonials from kybun Customers

kybun Reviews - How kybun Shoes Can Help with a Variety of Health Conditions

Animation of columns of air released as you walk in kybun Nimbus and Stratus soles

The following videos present actual customers or first time users describing how kybun shoes helped with their health issues, mobility problems, or favourite activities.

Most of these customers are from Switzerland, where the company is located, and are speaking in their native Swiss-German. Many of these videos have been overdubbed or have English subtitles. YouTube's ‘CC' icon can turn captions on or off as well.

Activity or Condition How kybun Helped

Acute Arthritis pain when walking on hard surfaces

This senior suffered from acute arthritis pain in his knees after walking just ten minutes on the cold, slippery, hard floors of his whisky brewery. But kybun's soft springy soles absorb the impact when he walks, which greatly reduces the pain, and they also provide better traction than his regular shoes, plus he finds the air cushions help keep his feet warm.

Back pain making it too difficult to continue a beloved activity or vocation

This young woman was training to be a horse physiotherapist, but her serious back pain gave her sleepless nights and was making her consider giving up her dream job. With some initial exercise on the soft, supple kyBounder mat and switching to air-cushion soled kybun shoes, her back pain soon all but vanished.

Helping people with Blindness or Low Vision walk on uneven ground

kybun soles are a bit like radial tires: with weight on them, they can wrap themselves over stones, roots, or branches and maintain their overall shape, which prevents you from stumbling or turning your ankle when encountering a small unseen or unexpected bump in your path, which can be of tremendous help to vision-impaired people like this man… who also experienced the added benefit of relieving the arthritic pain in his big toe.

Contending with Bunion pain without an operation

This 70-year-old's bunion made it too painful to walk more than just a few meters. He was advised to have an operation, but was deterred by the risk his toe might remain stiff after. With the kybun's soft elastic sole, now he can take longer walks and hikes again — his discomfort has completely disappeared.

Overcoming Calluses and Foot Ulcers which made it too painful to walk

This hospital worker suffered from thick calluses, cracked heels, and open areas on her feet so bad she was almost unable to walk or stand due to the pain (which was likely caused by the pressure points of ill-fitting shoes). She tried several different types of shoes, but nothing worked for long, until the kybun air-cushion shoes, which took away the leg and foot pain, and before long, her calluses have almost completely disappeared, as well.

Helping with Fallen Arches, Back Pain, and even Foot Odor

This salesman has fallen arches, and is on his feet all day, which has been very painful in other shoes, and he'd tend to stay immobile, which wasn't good for his health. The kybun air cushions give immense relief from the pain, and he tends to move around a lot more in them. His colleague has back pain, which they help with. And they have less foot odor at the end of their day, now too, because the air streams from the sole ventilate and cool the feet so they sweat less.

Being sidelined by Heel Spurs

This professional chef is on his feet over 10 hours a day and developed nearly unbearable pain from heel spurs. Kybun air-cushion shoes reduced his pain enormously, so he can continue enjoying his work and can even take the dog out for a walk after, now.

Similarly, this 65 year old woman had seen a number of specialists over the years, but neither insoles nor radiotherapy provided a lasting solution, as the air-cushioning kybuns have.

Why kybun may be the best therapy for Plantar fasciitis / heel spurs

In this informative video, Karl Muller, the inventor of the kybun, explains the causes of heel spurs (calcium deposits in the heel area, which can lead to inflammation and stabbing pain when standing and walking), and how the kybun's soft-elastic sole works like a soothing agent and helps from the very first step.

Finding Hiking too Painful or Perilous

A group of hikers of various ages tested kybun shoes on a trail in the rolling hills of Appenzell, Switzerland. They found them quite light and comfortable, yet supportive enough even for someone with weak ankles, and report they could walk over roots, branches or even sharp rocks without pain or difficulty, and remain sure-footed despite variable terrain, without sliding or feeling extra pain on their heels while going downhill.

Contending with limited mobility after Hip replacement surgery

This long time professional épée fencer suffered painful arthrosis (osteoarthritis) in his hips and knees from years of fast repetitive movements primarily on the right side of the body, and still had severe pain and limited mobility even after a hip replacement. With kybun, he still can't jump or run, but he's now able to actively train new athletes in his sport, even on these hard gym floors (which he likens to walking on moss, or a lawn, or a sandy beach, thanks to the kybun soft soles).

Being subject to Knee Pain if you hike or walk too much

This middle-aged Swiss woman suffered from knee pain for a long time, which was deterring her from enjoying taking walks in her highland region. Thanks to the cushioning soles of kybun shoes which protect her joints and her entire body from hard impacts and provide great stability, she is able to go on long hikes on fairly rugged terrain -- even in sneaker-style shoes.

Regaining ability to walk normally after a Loss of Feeling in the Ankle Joint caused by an Achilles tendon operation

After a serious Achilles tendon operation, this executive no longer had any feeling in his ankle joint and was unable to roll the foot over properly while walking, which made it difficult to stand and walk without pain. He finds the kybun really help with the rollover movement, and that they are so soft, light, and comfortable, that they make him feel weightless.

Keeping mobile despite Parkinson's disease

This Swiss man has suffered from Parkinson's disease for years, producing symptoms like stiffness, instability, and a stooped posture. He found kybun helped to minimize those symptoms, since they impel him to constantly move a little to balance himself, and they reduce the impact on his joints and the pain in his knees, and provide good traction, even on uneven, slippery, or snowy ground. Now he has a new lease on life, and can even descend stairs normally.

Same: Keeping mobile despite Parkinson's disease

Similarly, this American woman has also been afflicted by Parkinson's disease, which caused her feet to cramp up when walking. She found instant relief, and ongoing benefits, as her ankle joint became strengthened, as well.

A perfect shoe for Prosthetic legs or feet

This former athlete lost both legs in a motorcycle accident decades ago. Even though he had expensive, state-of-the-art prosthetics, he stumbled, and felt forced to walk with a stilted “goose” step, in which he'd really strike his heels down as he walked, in order to feel connected to the ground…. which requires a lot more concentration and put a lot more stress on his hips to maintain stability, and wore the shoes out quickly. But the kybun's soft soles perfectly support the natural rolling motion of the feet, and let him feel connected to the ground without needing that hard initial strike, so he can just enjoy his walk without concentrating on each step.

Similarly, this senior had to have both his legs amputated due to complications from diabetes. He stumbled with ordinary shoes, and found it painful to walk, particularly where the prostheses make contact with his body. kybun solved both those problems.

Helping Rehabilitation after a knee injury, keeping the muscles toned and being able to work securely on ladders, after

This woman in her mid-50s injured her knee downhill skiing – serious enough to almost need surgery. After 8 weeks of rest, she was able to get a speedy recovery with kybun, which made the pain bearable and enabled her to walk more naturally and increase her circulation and natural healing processes far quicker than anyone expected. She also finds they're great shoes to work on ladders with, since you can sense when you're properly centered on the rungs, and that they keep her muscles toned when just wearing them around doing light tasks.

Being So Unsteady on Feet You May Need a Cane

This 83-year-old pensioner used to need a walking stick or cane in order to go on his constitutional walks, and a half-hour walk would leave him exhausted and in unbearable pain. With kybun, he can walk for over an hour without any problems, even without a cane!

Being so Unsteady on Your Feet you walk with a Hunched Back even with a walker

This 93-year-old man walked very tentatively and with a severe stoop/ hunched back, even when using a walker, and was close to giving up on life. After being introduced to the concept with the similarly composed kybun mat, he was able to significantly improve his posture, gait and confidence with kybun's special air cushion shoes within just a few hours.

Combating Vericose Veins or Heavy Legs

Being on his feet for 12 hours a day running an Italian restaurant was getting difficult until someone loaned him some kybuns to try out. His wife was troubled by heel spurs. Kybuns have relieved both of them of their pain.

Overcoming Vertigo induced by a stroke

This man has continued to suffer from vertigo since his stroke about 10 years ago, and often stumbled and fell when losing his equilibrium while wearing regular shoes. He hasn't fallen once since getting kybun shoes, which give him more stability in the ankle, and seem to compensate even if he misjudges and doesn't put enough ‘weight' into a step. He also finds them to be the most comfortable shoes he's ever owned.

Getting Fatigued from Working on Feet All Day

The managing director of Switzerland's oldest tobacco shop attests he has felt great — much more relaxed, and without feeling pain in his ankles, back, and muscles ever — since he started wearing the Swiss air-cushion shoes, even after working an average of 9 hours a day on his feet.

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