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Purica: Nature, Science, and You – The Purica Story (Video)

Video Transcription

Jason Watkin: My name is Jason Watkin. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Purica. I also do product formulation, and Purica is a company that manufactures natural medicines for the human side as well as for the veterinary side. And in the veterinary side, for all animals, so I usually say all the way from Siamese fighting fish all the way to elephants.

It was never supposed to be a company. It was never supposed to be a product. It was about trying to help people get out of pain and heal like they were kids. In particular, I was working with dancers, ballet dancers in Europe for the Royal Dutch Ballet and other dance companies, trying to see if you could make them heal like a kid. And so I was giving them supplements that I shipped there, intending for myself, and the results were remarkable. But on top of that, a lot of long-standing conditions with inflammation, pain, all these throughout the body, those were healing up really quick.

I came back to Canada. My brother’s from the horse industry, and he has access to vets and they were willing to try it on horses that they couldn’t deal with or that they were going to euthanize, and sure enough, the results were exactly the same. My brother decided, with a long-standing, really serious skin condition he’s had for years to try the product.

Trevor Watkin: I had a severe case of contact dermatitis on my face, my hands, my arms, severe scarring all over, and within about three months, my skin was absolutely clear, and this truly made me a believer in nutraceuticals.

Jason Watkin: So my mom and dad and my brother put mortgages against their house. I had no money, and that’s how we started our company. Our flagship product is RECOVERY.

Trevor Watkin: RECOVERY was developed for surgical and injury recovery, and it works to naturally decrease inflammation and increase proper circulation and increase the production of synovial fluids so it’s lubricating the joints as well. But people use it for many, many different conditions.

Jason Watkin: You heal faster. You get rid of pain and inflammation quicker. Your digestion’s better. You absorb things better. So taking RECOVERY with things like other nutrients you’re eating, foods or supplements, it enhances the way they absorb and assimilate.

Trevor Watkin: It’s about 12 years ago now. We started the mushroom line of products, and those products have become very popular for us as well.

Jason Watkin: Mushrooms are really, in the Asian system, they’re the top of the heap, and you can see why if you look at the data out there in the scientific sites, they’re typically used for really serious conditions. But they’re also used to help your body and mind adapt to stress and for your immune system.

Trevor Watkin: We also have a product called Menopause Relief, which is really exciting.

Jason Watkin: And then the last one’s Provascin, which has been in the works for a long time. It’s for broad spectrum cardiovascular support, whether it be for heart health or the blood vessel health, blood pressure, cholesterol, things like that and you can integrate it with drugs.

Trevor Watkin: About 22 years ago, our father had open heart surgery, and that’s what started the interest in making this product for Jason.

Jason Watkin: It’s always been about pioneering and putting out things that we feel would be an incredible product that we ourselves would want to take and we’d want to recommend to our own family.

Trevor Watkin: I think the sky is the limit for our company. People are looking for the best quality products out there. People know that we don’t compromise in what we do.

Jason Watkin: Proud. What I’m most proud of is that when you hear the stories of people, what it’s done for their loved ones, themselves, their animals, in last case scenarios, it’s heart wrenching. It feels good and it’s been shown to work, and that’s kind of what we’re all about.

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