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Stomach Lining Protection Done Naturally

Jayson Kroner

Here’s a frightening thought. A growing percentage of our population is living with frequent or even daily stomach discomfort. Unfortunately, many of these same people become accustomed to these uncomfortable conditions. As a result, their willingness to accept their situation and do absolutely nothing becomes the norm. If not confronted during the early stages, however, the results can be disastrous.

Millions of Americans live with agonizing stomach discomfort. It’s just that simple. But what most of us fail to realize, is that overuse of popular NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and Naproxen Sodium often creates more problems than it resolves. Over time, these popular, inexpensive and easily obtained NSAIDS can take a toll on the lining of the human stomach. This results in a gradual erosion that may permit acid and bacteria to penetrate into the most delicate layers of the stomach.

Many believe that stress is a major culprit. And while it’s true that stress can aggravate previously ignored stomach lining challenges, it is not the only factor responsible for the compromised integrity of this delicate tissue. Rather, excessive and long-term consumption of NSAIDS in addition to an unhealthy buildup of gastrointestinal bacteria can be far more threatening.

Under episodes of stress, normal immune function becomes less responsive, thus preventing the body from warding off bacteria. One such bacteria of primary concern is Helicobacter pylori. By weakening the protective mucous lining of the stomach, h. Pylori allows acid to penetrate the stomach’s mucous membrane and erode the sensitive inner lining. Researchers are still trying to determine how this bacterial infection is contracted, but do know that nearly 20% of people under 40, and almost half of those over 60 carry it. Temporary relief often comes in the form of antacids and antibiotics, but these can disrupt normal digestion and harm essential stomach acids that serve as immune barriers in the support of beneficial bacteria.

Ulcetrol includes PepZin GI from Lonza, a patented form of zinc-carnosine that has shown great promise in enhancing normal digestive function. To increase its activity, we’ve included a powerful base of synergistic compounds to help provide superior stomach lining protection.

Powerful ingredients yield powerful protection:

PepZin GI – Supports mucous membrane secretion essential to stomach lining protection serves as an antioxidant by safeguarding the stomach’s mucosal cells protects against damage caused by NSAIDS patented by Lonza Pharmaceuticals

Mastic Gum – May help curb the effects of h. Pylori supports mucosal wall cells

Slippery Elm Bark – Soothes mucous membranes protects cells from harmful stomach acid

Calcium Carbonate – Provides mild antacid effects safe and gentle on stomach lining

Health Disclaimer. Content provided by NOW Foods. Copyright ©2006-2019. Published with permission. Jayson Kroner is a health and fitness journalist, a certified sports nutritionist, and co-author of the book '7-Syndrome Healing.'